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100 Pound Chocolate Elephant Sculpture

Take a look at this fantastic chocolate elephant! It’s a real treat for the eyes.

chocolate elephant

Chocolate elephant sculpted from 100 pounds of chocolate by Paul Joaquim and decorated by Michelle Boyd.

Paul Joaquim and Michelle Boyd of the Food Artists Group created this beautiful chocolate elephant for the Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival in Tampa, Florida.

Michelle Boyd and Paul Joaquim with thier elephant made of chocolate

Here are the creators Michelle Boyd and Paul Joaquim hamming it up with their elephant sculpture. You can also see the colorful candy headdress.

How Did They Create this Lovely Chocolate Elephant?

Paul Joaquim who is a chocolate sculptor, designed and created the elephant. Paul constructed an armature (that served as a type of skeleton) for the elephant, and then covered it with roughly 100 pounds of modeling chocolate. The final sculpted elephant is equivalent to about 10,000 Hershey kisses.

Michelle Boyd, of Good Gracious Cakes, designed and assembled the colorful candy mosaic medallions and bead decorations. Each individual candy bead was made by Michelle of hand poured Isomalt.

candy mosaics of hand poured Isomalt beads and medallions

Michelle Boyd made these awesome mosaics with hand poured Isomalt beads and medallions.

 top view of mosaic

Here is the top view of the elephants back with another mandala mosaic by Michelle.

another view of chocolate elephant

Look at the detail in the sculpting of the trunk as well as the candy designs on the top of the elephant. Stunning isn’t it?

Paul and Michelle created and assembled this 100 pound elephant made of chocolate over a two-day period while delighted Busch Gardens visitors watched.

You can see more of Michelle Boyd’s lovely cake decorating art on her Facebook page. You can see more about Paul Joaquim’s chocolate sculpting at You can see what the Food Artists Group is up to on Facebook.

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  1. Me akram January 19, 2017 at 2:31 am #

    It’s really beautiful and gorgeous

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