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Cheese Carving – Success on first try

We enjoy all forms of food art, including cheese carving. Ric Testani, a student of many of my fruit and vegetable carving lessons, recently shared a few photos of his first attempt at cheese carving. He used cheddar and provolone cheese to create a Bat Mitzvah-themed carving for his boss’ niece.

I knew we had a large block of Cheddar cheese and I really wanted to enjoy the challenge of a new medium. Being all one color I knew it would need to create a contrast to bring out the details. We just got in great colored cheese called Port Wine Derby cheese and knew it would be a great contrast to bring out the details of the Star of David. I sliced a ½ cm thick slice and 1 cm wide strips to create my inlay design.”

cheese carving of Star of David

Ric’s chunk of cheddar inlaid with Port Wine Derby cheese transformed into a cheese carving of the Star of David.

Butter and cheese carvings are not so common in South Florida, where Ric lives. There is good reason for that.

We have an average of 90 to 100% humidity and the beautiful weather is on an average of 90 degrees so cheese and butter is not a medium we get to use as other states.”

Ric finished his cheese carving with a white rose made out of provolone cheese. He noted that the rubbery texture of the provolone made it much different to carve than the cheddar.


Close-up view of Ric’s provolone cheese flower.

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Techniques can be used to do Cheese Carving

Although cheese has a different texture than fruit, fruit and vegetable carving techniques can be applied to cheese carving to make flowers. If you are a student of our vegetable and fruit carving lessons, you can try out the same techniques on cheeses. Our lessons Carving Watermelons, Roses, Buds and Leaves are a great place to start if you want to carve flower in cheese. Have fun experimenting.

Curious about other unique forms of food art? Check out our blog articles on Butter Carving, Pancake Art and Spice Art to name just a few. You’ll find all kinds of interesting food art here.

Time Lapse of 1200 pound Cheese Carving

Just for fun, you might like to see a quick overview of making a really big cheese carving.

You can see another of Troy’s monumental cheese carvings here.


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