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Certificates of completion are available to our students who complete any of the following Courses:

101 Course for Beginners
201 Course – Beyond the Basics, that focuses mainly on Melon Carving
17 Lesson Collection, that combines our 101 and 201 Courses
Portrait Course that teaches how to carve recognizable portraits on pumpkins and watermelons.

Professional Certificate

The official certificate is complete with an embossed gold seal which makes it beautiful for framing and displaying in your office. It is personally signed by the founder and instructor Nita Gill. Certificates are also useful for showing to prospective employers and for local press releases.

How to get your certification

Students of our courses can earn the certificate by sending clear photos of each of their completed projects of the perspective course.

  1. Enroll in one or more of our courses
  2. Enjoy completing the projects and take a photo of each completed project
  3. Order your certificate. You’ll find the link in your online membership.
  4. Send your photos. We will review to make sure all the projects are represented.
  5. Upon completion of the prior 4 steps, we will send your certificate.

There is a $35 fee (plus shipping and handling) to review photos, produce the individual certificate and mail it. The application/order for certificates can be found in the student’s online membership. Students of both the DVD versions and the online versions of our lessons will receive access to the online membership.

You may complete your lessons at your own pace. Please allow 1 week for review of photos and creation of certificate.

Examples of Past Students Photos

You will find examples of successful student carvings for each of the courses, throughout our blog. Look in the categories of Carver’s Stories and Photos under the menu heading “Nita’s Blog”. Here is an example of some of the photos submitted for certification by one student. Don’t forget to look in the section of our blog named “Pro Carver’s Stories” because many of our students have gone on to become professional carvers.

In addition to the Carver’s Stories and Photos section of our blog, you’ll find student photos in the categories of “Product Reviews” and “Carving Ideas“.

Who knows, maybe you and your photos will be featured in one of our blog posts!

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