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More Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving

thankgiving-turkey-centerpieceIn my previous 2 blog posts I showed some carve fruit and vegetable centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving. In one article there were several centerpieces that look like turkeys and in another, there were a variety of autumn pumpkin centerpieces.

Since then I’ve received several photos from my students and readers with their carvings. I thought you would enjoy seeing these centerpiece ideas, too.

Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece Ideas

This colorful vegetable turkey centerpiece was made by Titi Ayodele. She made it for last year’s Thanksgiving. The body looks like butternut squash while the head is a pear with black eyed, pea eyes and read and yellow bell pepper beak and gobble thing. The feathers are colorful red, green and yellow bell peppers.

Carved vegetable turkey

Carved Vegetable Turkey by Titi Ayodele

Then she took the same turkey and added skewered fruit to make it even larger and more dramatic. Titi’s turkey is a simple project  that you could do easily and use for an appetizer or part of a buffet display. Great job Titi.

Titi's skwered fruit turkey centerpiece

Titi added skewered fruit to her turkey to make it larger, more dramatic and edible.

This next piece was sent to me by Chef Guilherme Silva. I thought is was a fun idea to share. I know it’s a peacock but if you remove the crown on the top of the head, and add a red gobble under the beak, you can make this type of centerpiece look like a turkey.

Peacock fruit and vegetable carving

Peacock fruit and vegetable carving by Chef Guilherme Silva


 Sweet Autumn Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

After seeing the Autumn pumpkin and carved squashes in my most recent post, my sister stumbled across the following photos that she sent to me. I don’t know who the artist is but it is a delightful idea isn’t it. It is a relatively simple to assemble idea that would make a delightful centerpiece.

Princess pumpkin coach

Whether you are a skilled carver or a beginner, you can take these centerpiece ideas and add your own twist to them to make your own autumn and Thanksgiving centerpieces.

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