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Carving Watermelons

I’m excited to announce that my new DVD “Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves” is now available in my shop.

It is a great introduction to Thai style watermelon carving. But don’t let the title fool you, is this video lesson you will also learn rose patterns that you can also carve into other melons and fruits like mangos and papayas.

Carving Watermelons - melons carved from video lesson

Examples of Fruits carved with patterns taught in “Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves”

I created this video with beginners in mind, however, it’s also helpful for intermediate fruit carvers who would like to improve their watermelon carving techniques for carving delicate graceful roses.

In “Carving Watermelons- Roses, Buds and Leaves” you’ll learn common household items to hold your melons in place for efficient and comfortable carving. You’ll see options for tool that you will need for peeling and carving your watermelon, you’ll see how to peel and how the thickness of the rind effects the  look of your finished roses. You learn how to carve 3 different styles of petals, common mistakes and how to fix them and much much more….

My intention is not to give you the whole sales pitch here. I’m just excited to have it complete and ready for those who are looking to learn the art of carving watermelons.

I find it so creatively satisfying to take an ordinary watermelon and turn it into a work of art. If you enjoy beautiful food presentation, crafts, baking, entertaining or even wood carving, you’ll enjoy carving watermelons as much as I do.

It’s actually easier than most people would think once you are shown how.

You can get more information about my new DVD, Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves here.

Carving Watermelons close up

Learn to carve like a pro

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