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Carving Watermelon Faces

Nita's watermelon carving of a face

Nita with her watermelon face carving

A couple of weeks ago I played around a bit with carving watermelon faces. I wanted to see how well techniques for carving 3D faces in pumpkins would work for carving faces in watermelon. Here is my result.

I was aiming to make friendly looking guy.  Because I was using my own face in the mirror as a guide, my melon man ended up looking a little bit like my dad. One side of the face turned out a bit better than the other. And my proportions weren’t exactly perfect. I think the eyes are too close together making my melon man look a bit like a gorilla. But, I had fun making it.

Nita's watermelon man carving

Nita’s watermelon man

Another view of Nita's watermelon man

Another view of Nita’s watermelon man

The carved watermelon face sat in my refrigerator for a week or so after we had already eaten the remainder of the watermelon. Then one day, I opened my email to find a photo of my husband playing with my Mr Monkey Melon Head. Turns out, he had been entertaining our 5 year old granddaughter when this photos was taken. It made her laugh and the photo made me smile, too.

Frank's watermelon face

Nita’s husband Frank playing with the watermelon face to entertain their 5 year old granddaughter. He added the glasses to make it look more like “grandpa”.

You might want to try your hand at making 3 dimensional watermelon carving faces. Here are a few creative ideas from some other watermelon carvers. Maybe these will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Watermelon head carved by Chef Ed House

Watermelon head with Cantaloupe hair carved by Chef Ed House.

Veiled women carved by Chef Guilherme Silva

Veiled women carved by Chef Guilherme Silva

Fu Chang with his melon carving

Fu Chang having some fun with his melon carving.

Taner Yilmaz

Carving by Taner Yilmaz

Halloween is coming up in a couple of months. Carving watermelon faces is a great way to hone your skills in preparation for Halloween pumpkin carving.

Learn about Carving Watermelon Faces in 3D

If you’d like to learn step-by-step how to carve 3 dimensional faces, then you will like Ray Villafane’s 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials that you can get from my online shop. Carving watermelons are not exactly the same as carving pumpkins but the concepts of carving faces that Ray teaches is very helpful for carving watermelon faces. And he does show you exactly how to carve teeth which applies really well to carving watermelons.

carving watermelon faces by Clive Cooper

Imaginative watermelon carvings by Clive Cooper

Rather than using the clay loop tools that Ray uses when carving the pumpkins in his DVD lessons, for my face carving, I used knives to carve the face in the watermelon. The loop tools don’t work as well on watermelons as they do on pumpkins and other hard squashes. For carving on watermelon, I used a pointed paring knife and my Thai Pro Flexible blade knife. I used a very small u-cutter tool to create the round pupil of the eye.

Creative watermelon carving by Mutfak Sanat

Creative watermelon carving by Mutfak Sanat

If you’d rather practice carving faces on pumpkin when pumpkins are not in season, you might try using Butternut squash. It’s a great substitute until pumpkins are available again.

Carving watermelon into flowers, centerpieces, and more

If carving faces is not your thing, you’ll find lots of other step-by-step videos as well as tools in my online shop, in which I teach how to carve a variety of fruits and vegetables.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these watermelon ideas. If you are inspired to try your hand at carving watermelon faces, send me a photo.

Learn to carve like a pro

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    Where’s your instructional video to teach us how to do this? You are going to have out aren’t you? Pretty please?

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