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Carving Logos onto Watermelons the Easy Way

We recently published a post about carving logos onto watermelons. Today, I’ll share with you a few more photos of watermelons carved with logos. This time they are all carved with automotive industry logos, by Ric Testani. Ric is a customer of ours as well as a pro carver who does a lot of carving daily for a top caterer in Florida. You may recall a recent blog article that I published a few weeks ago where Ric raved about his first time use of our Pattern Transfer Fabric.

Carving Logos Using Pattern Transfer Fabric

Since then, he sent in these photos to illustrate how he uses the Pattern Transfer Fabric to make carving logos fast and easy. You can see how in the following photos.

Watermelons with Pattern Transfer Fabric ready for carving logos.

Here are Ric’s watermelons with the logos printed on the Pattern Transfer Fabric that is stuck on the watermelons and ready to carve.

logo carved watermelons

Here are the finished watermelons carved with logos

Ric wrote this to me about the Pattern Transfer Fabric.

I can not really express what a life saver this is to me. I am a garnishee chef, and I carve every day all day. I have done more Logo’s then I can count and more then I can remember. I have done every car manufacture’s logo and every make and model logo. You recommended I try this Transfer Fabric and WOW… This has cut off 2 hours of every carving so far today it has saved me a little over 4 hours on just 2 watermelon carvings. I normally do the artwork by hand first then copy and print it out. Work the clarity of it and then the size to fit. Then cut the work out and tape it to the melon. A real time consuming pain in the A___! This you just get your Image, copy it, size it, and Print it on the fabric, peel off the paper backing stick it on the melon and go to work. WOW! What a major time saver. This is just “AWESOME” I can not imaging not having this Transfer Fabric. Nita you are truly the best. How you found this I don’t know but please never discontinue selling this until I retire.

I can’t thank you enough for recommending this to me.

Ric Testani
Exquisite Catering by Robert


Here is a look at the full display. You can see how carving logos onto watermelons can really personalize an event for any theme.

watermelons carved with logos

Closer look at Gunther logo watermelon as well as flowers carved from a turnip, a golden beet and red and white striped chiogga beets.

If you have not yet seen or carved with the Chiogga beet, it is a white-fleshed Italian heirloom beet with rings of color that can be purple, red or pink. The chiogga beet has a sweet peppery flavor, and is smooth and mild tasting. Besides being beautiful to carve, it’s is colorful served sliced raw in a salad, or roasted and tossed with goat cheese or feta. Baby Candy Cane beet is similar looking.

You can be Carving Logos onto Watermelons, soon.

You can learn how to carve words and logos onto watermelons (and pumpkins) in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. You’ll get online access to your lessons when you join so that you can start carving right away.

Our Pattern Transfer Fabric makes carving logos even easier.

Just imagine all the ways that you can carve custom watermelons for just about any occasion. They are perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduation, 4th of July, reunions and company picnics. For what other events could you be carving logos onto watermelons?

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Ric Testani June 11, 2015 at 7:25 pm #

    Thank you very much for the nice blog. I do love my Transfer Fabric.

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