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Tammy's fruit carvings for Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival | Fruit Carvings and Water Fights

Earlier this month, I attended a Songkran Festival celebration held here in California. Also known as the Water Festival, the Songkran Festival celebrates Thailand’s New Year and is usually a time for self reflection and spiritual homage. The Songkran Festival takes place in Thailand every year between April 13th and 15th, but the fun festivities, […]

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Water Festival California

Water Festival | New Years in Thailand

The streets of Thailand will be splashing with fun, music and excitement for the Water Festival (also known as the Songkran Festival) between April 13th to 15th. The Thai people are well known for their intricate and beautiful fruit carving. During the Songkran Festival  fruit carvings are prepared to display and share as you will […]

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Thai Songkran Festival

In addition to the lovely Thai fruit carving display that I shared with you in yesterday’s blog post, there was so much color, beauty and tradition at the Thai Songkran Festival. There was traditional Thai dancing performed in Thai costume. There were beautiful flower displays, performances of traditional Thai music and more. Here are some […]

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