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Rhino carved from a giant pumpkin by Z=Andy Gertler and Sue Beatrice. Isn't it fantastic!

Best Pumpkin Sculptures of the season

Here are a handful of the best pumpkin sculptures that I saw during this Halloween season. These talented pumpkin sculptors and their creations are amazing! Many were created from giant pumpkins. Masterful 3 Dimensional Pumpkin Sculptures Chef Frankenbunny in all his glory 🙂 Sue Beatrice designed this wonderful character on a placemat at our local diner. […]

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pumpkin vulture scene Danny Kissel

People’s Choice at the Jack Hannah Pumpkin Carving Competition 2015

The two day Jack Hannah Pumpkin Carving Competition, at the Columbus Zoo, started near dawn with the set up of the People’s Choice Competition Entries. Anyone of any carving skill could enter this category of the competition. The winners were selected by a vote of the people who attended the zoo for the two days. […]

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