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Impress Your Guests with these Carving Ideas for Christmas

Carving Ideas for ChristmasI’m excited to share with you  a variety of fruit and vegetable carving ideas for Christmas. These wonderful creations were sent to me by my talented blog readers. Many of these photos I received last year after Christmas, but because my readers are usually on to the next thing – like New Year’s parties and resolutions, I waited until this year to share these photos with you.

These carving ideas for Christmas require varying levels of skills. Some are complex and require advanced techniques, some are easier to make than they might appear and some are simple and fun. Regardless of your skill level, the whole point to carving is to have some fun being creative. Showcase your creativity and impress your friends and family this holiday season with one of these wonderful carving ideas for Christmas.

The very talented Sue Beatrice created this lifelike 3-D carving of Santa Claus. I’ve featured Sue’s carvings before in my blog. Check out her spectacularly wild and wonderful Halloween pumpkin carvings.

Santa Pumpkin Carving

This magnificent Santa pumpkin was carved by Sue Beatrice and is a great example of carving ideas for Christmas for the advanced carver.

Want to see more Santa carvings? Take a peek at my Melon and Pumpkin Santas post. Want to learn how to carve 3 dimensional faces on pumpkins, check out Ray Villafane’s 3 D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials.

Simple Carving Ideas for Christmas

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the source of this simple and clever snowman fruit salad arrangement. It looks quite easy and it is oh-so-cute, don’t you agree?


This example of carving ideas for Christmas is simple enough for anyone to make. Just hollow half a melon and fill with melon ball and other fruit.

This watermelon fruit plate is another of the great carving ideas for Christmas. Carved by Helder Cabral, the bow is outlined in the watermelon and it’s a wonderful “gift” for any holiday party.

Bow Watermelon Helder Cabral

Bow Watermelon Carving by Helder Cabral

Here’s a fun and relatively simple Christmas carving idea by Rory Shaer. Make Santa’s sleigh out of a hollowed watermelon and the reindeer out of carrots. Fill Santa’s watermelon sleigh with fruit salad and you have a whimsical fruit salad serving display for your buffet table that is sure the get smiles.

Rory Shaer-Santa Clause

Looking for carving ideas for Christmas? This super cute Santa, sleigh and reindeer are easy to make!

Watermelon Carving Ideas for Christmas

The Feliz Natal watermelon carving below was carved by Chef Charlie of Brazil. You can learn to carve watermelons similar to this with the techniques taught in my video lessons, Carving Melon Flowers and Carving Letters and Words #1 and #2.


Chandra Lawati used a similar carving technique on the next two Christmas watermelon carvings.



If you have some carving ideas for Christmas that you are making for this holiday season and would like to share them, please send them to me. Your photos might end up featured on a future blog of carving ideas for Christmas.

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  1. Micheal Mitchell October 28, 2019 at 11:26 am #

    Hello Nita,
    My husband has been a fan of yours for years. We are looking for a stencil that we have used in the past. It wa a leigh with reindeer that was carved out of melons.

    • Nita Gill October 29, 2019 at 3:29 pm #

      Thanks for being a long term fan. Check your email for a full useful response from me. Happy Carving!

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