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Variations on Carving Carrot Flowers

carved daikon flowers using carrot flower carving design

Flowers carved from diakon using carrot flower carving design – carved by Nita Gill

One of the cool things about learning vegetable carving techniques like the carrot flowers taught in Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang is that once you learn to carve carrot flowers, you can also use other vegetables to carve a variety of different looking vegetable flowers.

Vary the Design for Carving
Carrot Flowers
by Using Diakon Instead.

Take a look at how you can take the design for carving carrot flowers and change it up by using diakon. It makes a pretty white flower that can be made in a variety of sizes. Large diakon, sometimes known as Asian radish, can often be found in larger sizes than carrots and so can make larger carved flowers.

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Use Different Centers to color co-ordinate your
Carved Carrot Flowers to Suit Your Special Event.

You can use a variety of centers for to match the color scheme of your event. Besides the blueberries demonstrated in “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang” can use cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, or dried fruits like raising. You can use a mini-melon baller to cut small spherical centers from root vegetables like golden beet, turnip, or yams. Even small cherry tomatoes or plum tomatoes would be pretty. You have lots of

choices to match the color scheme of your party. Use your imagination.

yellow, purple and orange carrot flowers

Orange, Purple and Yellow Carrot Flowers by Nita Gill

Besides carving orange carrot flowers, you can create some color variety by carving carrot flowers from purple and yellow carrots, too. They really make pretty flowers. Especially the purple carrot with its yellow ring in the center makes it’s own flower center just by the color variation that naturally exists.

Another thing that you can do to vary the look of the carrot flower design is to stack them on one toothpick. You can stack flowers of the same color or you can stack smaller carved carrot flowers of one color inside larges flowers carved from another color carrot or from daikon. You can seven use parsnip. I do not prefer using parsnips for carrot flowers because they tend to brown rather easily.

So, where can you get Purple and Yellow Carrots
for Carving your Carrot Flowers?

First try calling your local grocer to see if they carry them or if you can special order them.

If that fails search around our town for a specialty produce store. Use Google to help you search.

San Diego has a great Specialty Produce Store that is name exactly that, Specialty Produce. They are a wholesale produce supplier that also sells to the public. And you don’t have to purchase in large quantities.

diakon and yellow carrot flowers

Nita’s diakon and yellow carrot flowers

Sometimes purple and yellow carrots can be found at farmer’s markets.

You can also try your local wholesale produce suppliers. These are the companies that supply produce to restaurants. Sometimes, they sell to the public and sometimes they can special order produce like purple and yellow carrots. Somtimes they come in bags of tri-colored carrots with a variety of yellow, orange and purple carrots. With these wholesale produce companies, you may have to order a 10 pound bag. It’s plenty to practice carving your carrot flowers.

If you can’t find carrots in exotic colors, don’t fret, you can still carve amazing flowers from carrots and daikon.

By the way, you can usually find Asian radish or diakon at any good Asian market that sells fresh produce.

If you do find a good produce market that sells specialty produce, you can carve flowers and vases from the kinds of produce that we used when filming “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang. Take a look at several beautiful and uncommon vegetables that we used in the video below.

More fun and uncommon vegetables and fruits used in
Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang“.

show me more about Amazing Carving with Jimmy ZhangWith “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang” you too can have some fun creative time carving carrot flowers that will amaze your guests.

Learn to carve like a pro

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