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25 Carvings and Arrangements by 101 Course Students

In this article we are featuring some carvings and arrangements photos sent to us by 5 different student / customers of our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. It’s fun to see the different variations that each student made. We’ll start with the very simple and progress to the more complex carvings as we go down the page. Remember that these photos usually show the students first carvings and are not professional photos.

Onion Flowers

First of the carving arrangements by 101 Course students. Onion flowers made by Weronika Tymich on vegetable plate

These onion flowers made by Weronika Tymich are used as small bowls to hold dip on a plate of crudites.

onion flower by Muskah Fedaie

This onion flower was made by Muskah Fedaie.

Onion flower tray decoration by Muskah Fedaie

Here is how Muskah used the onion flower to decorate a serving platter.

Onion lotuses by Anna Nguyen

These pretty onion flowers were made by Anna Nguyen. She added the fancy carrot center as taught in the Onion Lotus Flower lesson

Vegetable Calla Lilies

Vegetable calla lilies made by Weronika Tymich.

These pretty vegetable calla lilies were made by 101 Course student Weronika Tymich. She assembled them into a pretty arrangement.

vegetable calla lilies by Anna L

Anna Nguyen carved carrot stamens for her vegetable Calla lilies.

Simple Watermelon Flower

Anna Nguyen's first melon flower

This watermelon flower is Anna Nguyen’s first. This is a simple way of making your first watermelon flower and is taught in our 101 Course.

Dear Nita,

Thank you so much for The Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101 that I have just finished. I really enjoy this carving training program. Your video lessons are simple. clear , easy to follow and excellent. I will refer this course to my friends and relatives and who love fruit carving.

Thanks again for all your effort, best work to make the 101 course valuable.
I wish your business keep growing and successful.

Best regards

Anna Nguyen – Massachusetts

Flower Tower by Deborah Cheeseman

Pro caterer Deborah Cheeseman has been carving for several years now but did start as a student of our 101 Course for Beginners. The honeydew flower that you see on the bottom left was made using the technique taught in our Watermelon Flower lesson in the 101 Course. The watermelon rose in the bottom right is taught in the our 101 Course as are the pepper flowers shown in the upper tier.

Yam and Turnip Flowers

Yam and turnip flowers and cucumber leaves by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen assembled the Yam and Turnip Flowers and the cucumber leaves taught in the 101 Course in a pretty butternut squash vase of her own making.

Radish, yam, and pepper flowers by Anna Lany

Anna used the same vase to make an arrangements of yam and turnip flowers along with radish and pepper flowers also taught in the 101 Course.

Fun with Pepper Flowers

Chili pepper flowers by Rama Vaddi

Student Rama Vaddi made this brightly colored arrangement of double layered petal flowers from bell peppers.

Carving arrangements by 101 Course Students - Rama Vaddi's pepper flowers and palm trees

Here’s a different view of Rama’s bell pepper flower arrangement along with a little oasis made from peppers and carrots.

Pepper flowers by Weronika Tymich

Weronika Tymich sent in this pretty chili pepper arrangement as she learned in the 101 Course.

Hi Nita,

I spend most of my free time watching your lessons. I love them! I never
get bored and they are easy to follow.
– Weronika Tymich

pepper flowers by muskah

Muskah Fadaie did a lovely job of shaping these Anthurium style flowers from multi-colored peppers

Vegetable Arrangement by Rani Patel

Rani Patel made simpler bell pepper flowers and added curvy asparagus spears to make a visually appealing vegetable arrangement.

Fanciful Leeks and Onions

leek flower arrangement by Muskah

Muskah made this bold and simple arrangement of leek flowers. Striking isn’t it? They remind me a the drought tolerant type plants we are seeing a lot of these days in California.

veggie bouquet by Muskah

Muskah’s vegetable arrangement features green onion spray flowers as well as pepper flowers. He added fennel greens to add that wispy fern like look to the bouquet.

Honeydew Lotus

honeydew flower by Rani

Student Rani Patel made this pretty plain petaled honeydew Lotus with carved flower center. This was a different variation of carve flower center. The added babies breath flowers are a dress it up nicely don’t you think?

"Honeydew" flower made using a cucumber by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen took the techniques for carving a honeydew lotus and carved this pretty flower from a cucumber. It was just the right size to fit in her butternut squash vase. (Although almost everything shown on this pages is taught in the 101 Course, this vase design is not taught in the 101 Course for Beginners.)

Radish Flowers

Weronica Tymich's first radish flowers.

Weronica Tymich’s first radish flowers.

Arrangement of radish flowers by Weronika

Here you can see how Weronika made an arrangement of her radish flowers pictured above.

radish flower plate decoration by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen used her radish flowers to make a beautiful platter decoration along with green onion curls and carved leaves.

Melon Roses

The following are just a few of the first carvings of watermelon and honeydew roses by a couple of students.

Honeydew roses by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen’s first individual honeydew rose

Anna's first watermelon carved with Roses

Anna’s first watermelon carved with Roses, Buds and Leaves.

watermelon carved with hearts and roses by Rani Patel

This lovely watermelon carved with roses is by 101 student Rani Patel. She took the roses, buds and leaves techniques and “fancied” them up by adding the hearts to the design.

watermelon carved with double hearts filled with roses by Rani Patel.

This photo shows a different view of Rani’s pretty double heart design filled with carved roses. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? Perfect for a wedding or engagement part of a bridal shower.

You’ll find many more examples of student watermelons carved with roses all through my blog. Here are a few links below that you can click to view:

Watermelon Art for Weddings | Students Carve their First Watermelon Rose | More Students Carve Watermelon Roses | Rose Carving by First Timers

Would you like to learn how to make carvings like those shown in the arrangements by 101 Course students above?

All of the photos above were sent to us by students of our 101 Course. Almost all of the carvings that you see on this page are taught in our 101 Course for Beginners. Each student applied their own personal style. Just so that you know, there are additional lessons in the 101 Course that are not pictured above. You can get more details about our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners by clicking here, or by clicking the big orange button below.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these carving arrangements by 101 Course students. Maybe their photos gave you ideas or will inspire you to give vegetable and fruit carving a try. A big thank you goes out to students, Anna Nguyen, Muskah Fedaie, Rama Vaddi, Weronica Tymich, Deborah Cheeseman and  Ranjan Patel for sharing their photos. Happy Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. swathi July 21, 2017 at 9:01 pm #

    excellent works. inspired by watching these. thank you nita.

  2. CAHOREAU JACQUELINE May 15, 2022 at 10:40 pm #

    je suis animatrice en art floral, pour une association, cette année, suite à un cadeau d’une panoplie de couteaux à découper les légumes et les fruits, j’ai proposé aux adhérents d’essayer de découvrir cet art.
    J’ai pris l’initiative de cette découverte à l’aide de livres.
    Mais l’ensemble des pratiquantes désirent aller plus loin.
    Que pourriez vous nous proposer. (nous sommes une dizaine de pratiquantes) pour aller dans ce sens
    je vous remercie par avance de vos suggestions
    avec mes sincères salutations

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