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basket weave watermelon arrangement by Julio Di Filippo

Variations of Basket Weave Carvings by Students

It’s fun to see how different student/customers change up the idea a bit when making their own basket weave carvings. The result is that each person’s creations are unique. Variation on the Basket Weave Idea Customer Student Julio Di Filippo, who carves as a hobby, has had some fun experimenting with the different looks possible with […]

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"Morning Tea" Carved watermelon by Hannah Perryman

Student Carvings from 201 Course Lessons

I’d like to show off some off what some of my student/customers have made after watching the lessons that are included in our 201 Course. Here are 15 photos that have been submitted by students. You’ll see photos of carving made from our lessons, Carving Letters and Words 1,2 and 3, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals, Amazing Carving […]

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