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Carved Watermelon Celebrity Portraits

See Pamela Anderson watermelon portrait

See Pamela Anderson watermelon portrait

In keeping with the theme of watermelon portraits that I’ve been in my past few blog articles, today I’m showcasing some carved watermelon celebrity portraits. As I wrote this article I remembered times when I’ve seen a few of these celebrities live. I’ll tell you those stories.

Katya Stefanova Carves Watermelon Celebrity Portraits

Watermelon carving artist Katya Stefanova came to my attention when images of her celebrity portraits showed up in my Facebook feed.  Although she is not a customer/student of mine, I am showcasing her carvings here to show you some examples of how you can carve watermelon portraits.

Katya lives is Küstendil, Kyustendil in Bulgaria. It is interesting to see how so many of Katya’s celebrity portraits are of famous Americans. From Katya’s carvings, it’s easy to see that American pop culture certainly reaches across the world.


Carved watermelon portrait by Katya Stefanova of Pamela Anderson who is probably best known for her former acting role on Bay Watch and for being married to rocker Tommy Lee.

My husband and I once saw Pamela Lee in person. We were attending the American Music Awards several years ago. At the time, Pamela Anderson was married to Kid Rock who had been nominated for an American Music Award. The show is shot live and so has to run in a tight organized, timely fashion. After almost the entire audience was seated including the other celebrities and nominees and at the last moment before the show was about to begin, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock made their entrance to take their seats. They (or I should say she) created quite a stir as they walked down the center isle greeting people as they went. She was wearing a slinky, sparkly, sequined, eye popping dress that was barely there.

I dug up a couple of photos of event off the internet so that you can see what I mean. I don’t know how she moved without revealing everything. Needless to say, all eyes were on Pamela as she made her dramatic entrance.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock at the American Music Awards

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock at the American Music Awards in 2009. Notice the rubber necking onlookers in the background.

I don’t remember whether or not her husband, Kid Rock won an award or not. But several months later, I made a spoof dress for a statue to give to my sister-in-law who was with us at the American Music Awards. We laughed about it a lot, and still do when we retell the story.

Pamela Anderson spoof dress and statue

Spoof statue of Pamela Anderson in a dress that NIta sewed that was inspired by the dress that Pamela wore to the American Music Awards.

This next celebrity portrait watermelon carving by Katya Stefanova is of Pierce Brosnan playing the role of James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan another celebrity that I’ve seen in person. My husband and I attended the “last concert” of Barbara Striesand in Los Angeles. (Since then she has had at least 2 more “last concert” tours as well as smaller appearances.) There were quite a few celebrities sitting in the section in front of us.

During the intermission I went to the ladies room and while on my way there almost ran smack into Pierce Brosnan as we both came around a corner from opposite directions. He looked me up and down (I was wearing a sparkly red beaded dress), we both nodded, smiled and continued on our ways. Not very eventful, I know. It’s just that this watermelon portrait reminded me of that day. He was just as attractive in person as he is on camera.


Watermelon Portrait of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

 I’ve never seen the rest of these celebrities carved in the following photos of watermelon portraits carved by Katya Stefanova…oh wait a minute, I did see Michael Jackson perform with Diana Ross in musical, THE WIZ at the Ahmanson Theater Los Angeles when Jackson was a teenager. That was after the Jackson 5 and before Michael Jackson cut the albums Bad and Thriller. Oh, what a long time ago that was. My mom took me to see THE WIZ for my 16th birthday.

When I started writing this post it was just going to be about the carvings. I’ve gotten sidetracked with memories.

Here are a few more carved watermelon celebrity portraits for you to enjoy.

Micheal Jackson carved watermelon celebrity portrait

Watermelon carving portrait of the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson by Katya Stefanova

 Just think, you can have celebrity portraits grace your next  party by carving your own watermelon portraits.

Does anyone that you love have a crush on a celebrity AND have a birthday coming up? Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise him or her by having their celebrity crush attend their party as a watermelon portrait? You can.  It’s easy to carve watermelon portraits once you know how with step-by-step, easy to follow video instructions. Your guest of honor will be surprised, delighted and amazing at your talent. (Our little secret – You don’t need to be talented. But we’ll never tell.)


Watermelon carving portrait of former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan by Katya Stefanova


Dr Phil carved watermelon celebrity portrait

Dr. Phil watermelon portrait by Katya Stefanova


Carved watermelon celebrity portraits - Tiger Woods, Elvis Presley

Carved watermelon celebrity portraits by Katya Stefanova include Tiger Woods and Elvis Presley

And last but not least, here is a photo of Katya Stefanova of Bulgaria with another of her watermelon celebrity portraits. This watermelon portrait carving is of the late Pope John Paul.


Fruit carving artist Katya Stefanova with her watermelon celebrity portrait of the late Pope John Paul.

Thank you Katya for sharing your carved watermelon celebrity portraits. Great job!

American Idol Season 12, Carved Watermelon Celebrity Portraits

At the beginning of the 2013 American Idol season, I carved these two portraits of Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Now, rumor has it that all of the American Idol judges are likely to be replaced. We know for sure that Randy Jackson is leaving. Although Mariah Carey is the best selling female vocalist of all time, apparently she is not the best judge. And Niki, well, she bluntly tells it as she sees it. I read somewhere that her aggressive manner is not loved by American Idols’ large audience of middle aged, mid-Western American women.

I suspect that the newer competing shows like The X Factor, and The Voice have eaten into the American Idol ratings. Maybe that is why the executive producer Nigel Lithgoe is also rumored to be getting the ax.

Anyway, back to the portraits, here are my watermelon celebrity portraits of Mariah and Niki that kind of sums up their relation ship with each other during the beginning of this season.

watermelon carvings of Nicki and Mariah

Here you can see these carved watermelon celebrity portraits of Nicki and Mariah in two different lighting conditions. In both photos the watermelons are lit from within. The top photo has more ambient light while the lower is in darkened conditions.

You, too, can learn to carve watermelon portraits. It’s easy once you know how. That is exactly what I teach, step-by-step in my Pumpkin Carving Portraits video Course which also teaches how to create watermelon portraits. You can learn more about my Portrait Carving Course by clicking this link.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these carved watermelon celebrity portraits.

Learn to carve like a pro

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