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Carved Watermelon Cake Photos

Carved wateremlon cake by Ali Tahir Butt

Ali Tahir Butt with his carved watermelon cake

A while back, when I first published my carved watermelon cake video, many readers and students/customers were inspired and sent me messages and photos of their carved watermelon cake creations. Here is what one of my students, down under in Australia, wrote to me.

Hi Nita,
Happy Birthday and thanks for the beautiful gift of watermelon cake carving. Its amazing how a little thought can turn an ordinary watermelon into a work of art. I thank God for sending us his favorite Fruit carving Angel into the Body form of Nita. God Bless you for bringing the joy in people’s life. May God give you a long life to keep blessing every one with your talent.

Thanks for the kind message, Ali. It gave me a kick to be called a fruit carving angel. I like that image – makes me smile.

I’ve had watermelon cake photos from readers for a while, and now that watermelon season is here, I’d like to start sharing some of these photos. Hopefully, they will inspire you and give you good ideas for making your own carved watermelon cake!

Inspired Carved Watermelon Cake

I always enjoy hearing about how someone has gotten a great idea from seeing photos of work by other students and readers of my blog. It creates a wonderful feeling of community.

Shortly after I published my watermelon cake lesson, a fruit carver and reader of my blog, Tiron Gabi, in the UK sent me a video to show an elaborate multi-tiered watermelon cake that he carved. You can check out his video here – it’s quite impressive!

On the other side of the world, Ali in Australia saw Tiron’s video and got inspired to carve a large multi-tiered watermelon cake with pretty melon flowers. Take a look at what Ali Tahir Butt created.

Ali Tahir Butt's bithday carved watermelon cake

Ali carved a watermelon cake for his wife Susana’s birthday

Birthday carved watermelon cake by Ali Tahir Butt

The other side of Ali’s carved watermelon cake

Here is a closer look at the melon roses Ali carved into his watermelon cake. This technique is taught in my Carving Watermelons DVD, which is part of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101 for Beginners. The DVD can also be purchased separately in my online shop.

Top view of Ali's carved watermelon cake

Ali added carved melon roses taught in Nita’s Carving Watermelons DVD

Ali made this carved watermelon cake for his wife Susana’s birthday. Here’s a message Ali sent me about his cake:

Hi Nita,
Thanks for the inspiring video, I made a cake for Susana’s Birthday out of this 10 Kilogram Watermelon. The last two pictures were taken after 5 days of this carving where we removed the top rose and presented it separately.
Thanks for all your motivation.
Ali Tahir Butt”

Isn’t that sweet? Here are photos of Susanna and Ali with the carved watermelon cake, five days later, with the top tier removed.

Ali Tahir Butt with carved watermelon cake

Ali with the watermelon cake five days later, top tier removed

Susana with carved watermelon cake

Susana with her birthday watermelon cake from Ali

If you keep your watermelon cake in the fridge covered with wet paper towels, it can last anywhere from 5-7 days. You can also spritz cool water on it using a spray bottle every few hours to keep it fresh.

Great job Ali. Susana looks happy with the lovely watermelon cake that you made for her.

I was glad that Ali found Tiron’s video inspiring and made this beautiful work of art as a result. It’s really fun for me to see carvers providing inspiration and motivation for other aspiring carvers all across the world!

Try My Free Lesson on How to Make a Carved Watermelon Cake

If you were inspired by Tiron’s video and Ali’s photos, you can always try your hand at making your own carved watermelon cake for a loved one. It’s really easier than you think, once you know the techniques.

By the way, carving watemelon cakes is not just for experienced carvers, many beginners can create an impressive result with my free video lesson. You can check out some of their photos in my previous blog post: Watermelon Cakes Made By Students.

learn more about watermelon cakes videos

 Go ahead and get my free video lesson showing how to make a super easy watermelon cake!

Once you learn my step by step techniques for making a carved watermelon cake, you can add you own unique ideas and artistic touch to make it your own. You can also see lots of photos showing how others have elaborated on my simple watermelon cake lesson and created their own easy watermelon cake ideas.

Oh, and did you know that watermelon cakes are what got me interested in fruit carving in the first place? You can read more about my story here.

A Carved Watermelon Cake Would be a Fun Addition To Any Special Event – And It’s Healthy Too!

A watermelon cake can add that extra personal and unique touch to any special event – birthdays, weddings and anniversary parties and more. It is definitely something different that will get people talking and flashing their cameras. What’s even more rewarding is that you’re providing a healthy alternative to other sugary and artery clogging options that can be found at dinner parties.

I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know how your carved watermelon cake creations turn out!

Learn to carve like a pro

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