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Carved Potato Flowers Dress Up Dinner

Want to see a charming idea for super fancy french fries?

Take a look at how one of my student/customers, Lino Hermano make threes styles of carved potato flowers. He planned to fry and serve to his choir members that he directs at church. What a fun idea!

White potatoes are not often used in fruit and vegetable carving because they brown easily. But, because they are inexpensive and plentiful, they are great to practice with.

Lino's carved potato flowers

Carved potato flowers made by student/customer Lino Hermano. He planned to fry and serve them.

Lino made three types of flowers. The daisies are taught in the Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang video lessons that we offer in our online shop. Lino made them two ways. The daisies with the smooth petals were made with a u-cutter tool. The daisies with the jagged edges were made using the corrugated u-cutters. The double layer petaled flowers are taught in our 101 Course for Beginners. All of them are pretty aren’t they?

I asked Lino if he had any photos or his carved potato flowers after they were fried. He did not but wrote,

To me they look good. The edges of the petals had brown lines because they burnt faster for having the thinnest part of the potatoes. Looked like a decoration on the flowers specially they center flowers. The choir liked it very much. Next time when I make them, I’ll send you pictures. The main reason why I made those is because of practice making them.
-Lino Hermano

Lino is not the only customer who has experimented with cooking carved potato flowers.

Bake or boil your carved potato flowers

Take a look at the carved potato flowers that Jovilyn Valdez Cruz Dela made. She boiled her potatoes and ate them for dinner.

Jovilyn's carved potato flowers

Jovilyn’s carved potato flowers before cooking

The style of the flower carved on Jovilyn’s russet potato is a combination of what is taught in my lessons, Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves (which is part of the 101 Course) and the double lessons, Melon Flowers, Smooth and Jagged Petals.

After I carved it I boiled it and put butter…for dinner hehehe:-))
-Jovilyn Valdez Cruz Dela

cooked carved potato flowers

Here are how Jovilyn’s carved potato flowers looked after she boiled them. I wonder how they would have looked baked.

I hope that these examples of carved potato flowers give you the inspiration to pick up a potato and practice carving. If your potato flowers turn out well, you can serve them with pride. If you are not happy with your carving results, you can eat the evidence. ;~)

Again, I don’t recommend white potatoes for carving for displays because they brown too easily. But, they are great for practice as well as for eating.

Here is another idea for making edible potato flower appetizers.

Have fun making – and eating- your own carved potato flowers.

This blog post inspired more carved potato flowers.

After seeing this idea, Allan Jarvis, who is a student of our lessons, made some potato flowers and fried them. Look below to see how great them turned out.

Gidday Nita,
I was impressed with the potato carvings on your post and decided to incorporate some at my last dinner party along with some lamb shanks and veges….. Allan Jarvis

potato flowers by Allan Jarvis

This blog post inspired customer Allan Jarvis to carve up some sweet potato and white potato flowers.

Fried potato flowers by Allan Jarvis

Look what a great addition the fried potato flowers are to this plated meal.

You can learn how to make these carved flowers in our video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

Learn to carve like a pro


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  1. kate May 29, 2015 at 4:07 pm #

    Fantastic idea!

  2. Ric Testani June 1, 2015 at 8:36 pm #

    So glad to see people do use their carvings for a great dinner presentation. I want to try deep frying some. Steamed Beets and turn-ups are good too.

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