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Candy Plate Variations

It’s fun and easy to make a peppermint candy plate. Candy plates are a lovely way to add a personal touch to holiday parties and gifts. Over the past few years I’ve shared my own ideas as well as the creations of some of my readers and students.

Learn to make your own candy plate

Take a look at our blog post,  Christmas Candy Platters for video instructions showing how to create these incredible candy plates and bowls.

After last year’s Christmas Candy Plates blog post, which featured beautiful variations of candy plates that were sent to me, Liana Buciuman sent me several photos of her candy trays and bowls.

Liana said,

The candy trays an bowls are so much fun!’ Thank you for this marvelous idea!”

Using mints in festive reds and greens is a good way to capture the spirit of the holidays. Liana created several different designs using the bright mints for her candy plates.

candy plate by Liana

Mixing candy canes with round mint candies gave Liana’s plate a unique design. I like how she added clear candies for a sparkly, bubbly look.


Try experimenting with different colored candies for a vibrant candy plate, like Liana did here.


Or keep the color scheme simple with just red and white peppermints, like Liana’s candy plate. The different textures and swirls make a visually interesting design.


Here’s another variation of a red and white peppermint candy plate by Liana.

Liana also used different flavors of Jolly Rancher candies to create the colorful candy plates.


Here’s how Liana laid the candy out prior to melting and creating her candy plate.


This is Liana’s final product of the above photo.

There are so many different ways to combine the candies to create your own one-of-a-kind candy plate designs!


Several of Liana’s candy bowls on display showcase the different patterns you can create with the candy.

Liana used her candy bowls and plates as part of her holiday gift baskets last year. a big thank you goes out to Liana Buciuman for sharing her creativity with us.


Liana’s candy bowl all wrapped up and ready to surprise its lucky recipient!

Have you created your own candy plate or bowl? We would love to see your creations as well!

Christmas Candy Platters

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