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12 Cakes Made with Fresh Watermelon

Cakes made with fresh watermelons are are beautiful, healthy and refreshing summer dessert, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.

Nitas carved watermelon cakes made with fresh watermelon

Examples of cakes taught in Nita’s Watermelon Cakes video lessons

In 2011, I created some video lessons on how to make several types of beautiful cakes made with fresh watermelons. Since publishing these lessons, I’ve received hundreds of photos from readers and students from all over the world.

It’s fun for me to see how so many people have used my simplest watermelon cake lesson and have added all different fancy variations of their own. This article shows fresh watermelon and fruit cake ideas from students and readers that I have not yet published. I hope that you enjoy getting some ideas of your own from these photos of cakes made with fresh watermelon. We’ll begin with simple cakes and progress to the more fanciful, multi-tiered birthday cakes.

You can see lots and lots more variations of cakes made with fresh watermelon in previous blog posts by clicking here.

Simple Cakes Made with Fresh Watermelons

These first cakes are the simplest easiest fresh watermelon cake that I teach with individual touches added by each person.

cake made from fresh watermelon by Christelle

This fresh and pretty watermelon cake was made by Christelle Ngounou. She added fancy trim at the bottom using the Corrugated U-Cutters, then topped her cake with cucumber flowers.

cakes made from fresh watermelon by Eva Reyes

Eva Reyes carved slices of Kiwi into flowers to decorate the side of her watermelon cake. The chocolate covered strawberries on top are a nice touch, too.

Simple cake from fresh watermelon by Bharti

Bharti Trivedi topped her 1st fresh watermelon cake with a B carved into a piece of watermelon rind.

Hi Nita,
Just wanted to send you a picture of my watermelon carving. Not perfect but did turn out nice and everyone was very Impressed. Thank you so much making your easy to follow instruction and videos.. Thank you again for sending me all of your inspiring fruit carving…I learn a lot from your works.
I must say your teaching method, I really admire.
Thanks Bharti Triveda, London

One of Cindy Rozich's watermelon cakes made with fresh watermelon topped with numbers and hearts

Cindy Rozich customized her watermelon cake by topping it with watermelon numbers and hearts as well as carved kiwi and grape flowers.

I just want to thank you ever so much for the free classes. I really enjoyed them and have learned so much. You were right, I received lots of aaahs and ooohs!!! It’s so much fun, I love it and you are such an amazing teacher! I will be ordering your 15 week classes soon!
Enjoying it all!
Cindy Rozich

Note: Since sending her photo above, Cindy has joined all of our lessons and has become a professional carver. We have featured several of her carvings in other blog posts.

Tiered Fresh Watermelon and Fruit Cakes

multi-tiered fresh watermelon cake by Nadine Tapimene

Nadine Tapimene made a multi-tiered watermelon cake and decorated the sides and top with various colorful fruits. She topped it with an orange peel rose. You can see a free lesson showing how to make an orange peel rose by clicking here.

Cake made of fresh watermelon by Mirella Anceschi

Mirella Anceschi from Modena Italy with her multi-tiered fresh watermelon cake.

4th of July watermelon cake by Joelybelle

I love this red, white and blue watermelon cake made by Joelybelle McCoy. The starfruit slices make perfect stars for decorating the sides of the top layer. What a great idea. Joelybelle made this pretty cake for the 4th of July.

3 tier watermelon cake by Tala Talakoub

Tala Talakoub made her 3 tier fresh fruit cake for a friend’s party and got lots of ooohs and aaahs.

Fanciful Birthday Cakes Made with Fresh Watermelons

Yun Jung's cake made from fresh watermelon and fruit

Yun Jung’s created this fanciful cake made from fresh watermelon and fruit for her mother-in-law’s 79th Birthday celebration

fresh watermelon cake by Susan Belden

Susan Belden created this fanciful fresh fruit cake and fruit tray for a 100th birthday celebration.

This was for a 100th birthday party for Mildred.
The party was for a woman that ran the hospital gift shop for 25 years as a volunteer. She’s in an assisted facility now but my little hometown hospital that I work at has never forgotten her and had a nice 100th birthday party for her the other day. She is still so with it that when she gave us the names of the people that she wanted us to invite she also rattled off each and every one of their addresses off the top of her head!! She and everyone else were very much impressed with her fruit display….so much so that she insisted that we deliver it to her facility so that she could show it off to the other residents there. Thank you so much Nita for everything that I have learned to do through your amazing videos.
Susan Belden

100th birthday cake of fresh fruit by Susan Belden

Here is a closer look at the top of Susan’s cake. She topped it with watermelon roses that are taught in my lessons, “Carving Watermelons, Roses, Buds and Leaves“.

cake from watermelon Kentrina

Here is a completely different take of the watermelon cake idea created by Kentrina Jones for a 50th birthday party

Fresh fruit cake by Najlaa

Najlaa Al Saiegh in Saudi Arabia made a watermelon cake with fresh fruit bouquet for a colorful edible showstopper centerpiece.

I hope that you enjoyed getting some great ideas for making a watermelon cake. You can see lots more variations of cakes made with fresh watermelon in previous blog posts by clicking here.

To learn more about my video lessons, Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2, and get my easy cake lesson FREE, click here, or click the button below.


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  1. Noa.Niubalavu July 20, 2015 at 12:36 am #

    Your watermelon carvings on cakes has given me a new challenge not to buy cakes for birthdays but to carve watermelon cakes. Thank you very much Nita for these new ideas on carvings. I really appreciate them.

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