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Cakes Made of Fruit – from Pretty to Wild and Wacky

frank and nita's cake made of fruitThese cakes made of fruit give a whole new meaning to the words fruit cake.

In a recent blog post I showed some watermelon cakes similar to the ideas presented in my video lessons Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2.  Now I’ll show you some variations on those ideas. Make sure to read to the end to see some wacky and imaginative fruit cakes.

This first cake made from fruit is about as close to carving fruit as my husband, Frank gets. We wanted to put together a quick cake made of fruit for Franks son’s birthday. My stepson is an Iron Man Triathlete and doesn’t much care for real cake. This was a kind of last minute thing.

Watermelons were not in season so Frank got the largest honeydew and cantaloupe that he could find. I quickly carved the honeydew for the cake topper while Frank cut slices of the melons. Frank did manage to get a mini watermelon and he cut a cylinder of watermelon to stuff in to the center of the “cake’ where the honeydew and cantaloupe slices were hollow. You can’t see it because it’s inside this cake made of fruit. Frank assembled the cake, and added the top. The layers were held together with skewers so that we could transport it in the car without it sliding apart. I added the pineapple rings and honeydew balls around the base.

It wasn’t the most perfectly done of the cakes made of fruit shown on this page, but I thought it turned out pretty and arrived in one piece. Frank’s son was not thrilled with the balloon and silly hats that we brought. He said to Frank, “I’m not 5, Dad.” (He is several decades past that).  But he did enjoy eating the cake. When we cut it to serve it was pretty with the three colors of the fruit on the outside and the surprise watermelon core on the inside.

Cake made of fruit

Another view of our quick cake made of fruit

Variations of Cakes Made of Fruit

Here is a carved rose watermelon with leaves around the edges that was made by Aruto Garcia. He added “candles” made of skewered fruit. It’s a fun and clever idea, don’t you think? The kiwi slices might look even more like flame it the tops were carved to a point like a flame. Still, it’s adorable.

carved watermelon "cake" with skewered fruit "candles".

Rose Watermelon Cake with fruit “candles” by Arturo Garcia

And here is another or Arturo Garcia’s watermelon rose cakes. Arturo learned to carve watermelon roses in my video lessons Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves.

watermelon rose cake by Arturo Garcia

Another watermelon rose cake by Arturo Garcia

In this Happy Birthday watermelon cake that Titi Ayodele made, she added white chocolate covered strawberries that were decorated with a baseball design. It’s a creative way to decorate the strawberries.

watermelon cake with baseball decorated strawberries

Watermelon cake with baseball decorated strawberries


Another of the cakes made of fruit with baseball decorated strawberries

Another view of watermelon cake with strawberries decorated to look like baseballs by Titi Ayodele

Qamar Azam made this easy watermelon cake and topped it with a citrus peel rose garnish.

watermelon cake topped with a citrus peel rose

watermelon cake topped with a citrus peel rose garnish by Qamar Azam

This watermelon cake design was made by Carl Jones. Decorated with a carved watermelon rose, strawberries and watermelon rinds leaves, it look like it could be a single serving cake made from mini watermelon.

Watermelon cake by Carl Jones

Watermelon cake by Carl Jones

Vicki Littel and Haliman Odejimi took the easy watermelon cake design and added lot of fruit.

Vicki Littel's watermelon layer cake

Vicki Littel’s watermelon layer cake


Halima Odejimi's watermelon Cake

Halima Odejimi’s watermelon Cake is like a fruit salad in the form of a cake.

Kerri Cormier lined grapes along the tops of her watermelon cake layers and added the letters to the side of the cake rather than the top of the cake. It is an effective way to use large cookie cutter letters.

Cake made of fruit

Cake made of fruit by Kerri Cormier celebrates being cancer free.

Wacky and Wild Cakes Made of Fruit

I don’t remember how these next two photos or cakes made of fruit came to me but I believe they were sent to my by Marius Tudorache. I’m not sure if Marius was the artist of just snapped the photo. But, I am including these photos because they show whimsical and imaginative cakes made from fruit. This first photo appears to have been made to celebrate the birthday of a seven year old.

Whimsical layered cakes made of fruit

Whimsical layered cake made of fruit shows a lot of imagination.

Fruit display that looks like a wacky multi-layered cake. This photo was also sent to me by Marius Tudorache.

Fruit display that looks like a wacky multi-layer cake.

Fruit display that looks like a wacky multi-layer cake.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos. Whether they be pretty or wacky and wild, have fun making your own cakes made of fruit!

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  1. jheemar April 27, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    thank for sending me all of your inspiring fruit carving. i learn a lot from your works.

    • Nita April 27, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      You are welcome Jheemar. I’m glad you are enjoying the info I publish.

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