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Cakes made from Watermelons – a Healthy Alternative to Regular Cakes

Carved watermelon rose topped cake

Carved watermelon rose topped cake taught in Nita’s Watermelon Cakes video instructions.

For diabetics, vegans, people with gluten allergies and for others who simply want a clean healthy alternative to regular cake, cakes made from watermelons are great.  They are pretty, colorful and pleasing to the eye. From a health perspective, watermelon cakes are a  much better choice because they have none of the artery clogging fat, and none of the highly refined white flour and sugar found in regular cakes. Compared to commercially available cakes and cake mixes, watermelon cakes have no artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives. Cakes made from watermelons contain only fresh fruit.

Even for people with no dietary restrictions, cakes made from watermelons are an eye-catching unexpected surprise that will delight your guests.

Video Lessons Teach Cakes Made from Watermelons

Since introducing my watermelon cake ideas in my video lessons Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2, I have received so many emails with photos from all over the world. Many people have told me about the celebrations for which they have made watermelon cakes and how the guests (and clients) have loved them. I have shown many photos in past articles on my blog  where I have have featured cakes made from watermelons by my students and blog readers.

In this article, I will share with you photos of cakes made from watermelons that have been sent to me by my student/customers and blog readers. Keep in mind that these photos are not taken my professional photographers. Also, some of these cakes are the first attempts at making watermelon cakes. What is interesting is how people will take an idea and add their own twist and ideas.

First, here are a couple of photos of the watermelon cake ideas that I teach in my video lessons. By the way, cakes made from watermelons are near and dear to my heart because my first watermelon cake is what led to me to my passion of fruit carving. You can read more about that story here.

tiered cakes made from watermelon

Intermediate 2 tier carved watermelon cakes topped with carved watermelon roses taught in Nita’s Watermelon Cakes  video lessons.


Easy and Happy Birthday Carved watermelon cakes

Easy cake & Happy Birthday Carved watermelon taught in Nita’s Watermelon Cakes video lessons.

 Nita’s Student/Customer Share Their Watermelon Cake Photos

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you may have seen the cakes made from watermelons my one of my customerstudents Marioano Orozco. His skills at making watermelon cakes and carvings have grown to be excellent!  Here is just one on the photos of his spectacular watermelon cakes. To see a few more of Mariano’s carved watermelon cakes, visit my past blog article.

watermelon cake by Mariano Orozco

Watermelon cake by Mariano Orozco

Student/customer Ali Tahir Butt in Australia got very exited about his new skills at carving roses and cakes that he learned in my video lessons. Here is his really big watermelon cake carved from a large watermelon for his wife on her birthday. You can read more and see more photos in another of my previous blog posts.

cakes made from watermelons - by Ali Tahi Butt

Watermelon Cake by Australian, Ali Tahir Butt. One of Nita’s Student / customers, Ali was inspired to carve this large watermelon “cake” for his wife’s birthday.

Here are a few other cakes made from watermelon that my student/customers and blog readers have created. This is a petaled edged watermelon cake made by student/customer Mike Ghali.

watermelon cake with roses on top

Watermelon cake with roses on top that Mike Ghali created after watching Nita’s Watermelon Cakes #2 video lessons

Mike Ghali also made this pretty happy Birthday Cake. He added a rose bud design to the sides of his watermelon cake and embedded the “Happy Birthday” carved from the watermelon rind into the cake top. The green rind letters make a really nice color contrast.

Happy Birthday Watermelon cake by Mike Ghali

The Happy birthday letters carved from the rind make an appealing color contrast in this cake made from watermelon by Mike Ghali.

Here is a happy Birthday watermelon cake made by Allan Jarvis who also happens to be in Australia. here is what he wrote in his email.

“I received my order for the water melon cakes in good time as I had to make one for a friend who runs the Thai restaurant near me. It turned out okay, about 6-7 out of 10 but the people were happy, group of 20.”

rose toppe dcake made from watermelon by Allan Jarvis

This rose topped birthday cake was Allan Jarvis’ first attempt at making watermelon cakes.


watermelon cake by Allan Jarvis

Side view of Allan Jarvis’ first watermelon cake.

I think Allan did a pretty darned good job. The group of 20 people were happy with it and isn’t that what really matters? Very good job, Allan.

Student/Customer Precy Iraola changed up the idea a bit by carving flowers for the top of his cake from honeydew and cantaloupe. It makes the watermelon cake even more colorful.

Watermelon Cake by Precy Iraola

Watermelon Cake by Precy Iraola is made more colorful with flowers carved from honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Here is Precy with his cake. In this one Precy carved the thick green rind to make designs on the side of his cake.

Precy Iraola with another of his watermelon cakes.

Precy Iraola with another of his watermelon cakes.

Student/customer Deborah Esi Ennin in Germany took the tiered cake idea and layered these watermelon cakes to make this birthday cake for a 60th birthday.

Cakes made or watermelons layered to create a 60th birthday cake.

Student/customer Deborah Esi Ennin created this multi-layered watermelon cake for a 60th birthday celebration.

Here is a frilly watermelon cake made by Michelle Malcolm. Pretty isn’t it?

Frilly watermelon cake by Michelle Malcolm.

Frilly watermelon cake by Michelle Malcolm.

Here is a simple variation on the ideas where Titi Ayodele set her numbers on the top of her cake to stand up vertically using toothpicks and then surrounded her cake made from watermelon with colorful fruit salad.

cake made from watermelon by Titi Ayodele

Titi Ayodele used the idea taught in Nita’s Watermelon Cakes video instructions, then placed the numbers on top with toothpicks and surrounded with colorful fruit salad.

Do you want to learn techniques for Cakes made from Watermelons?

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these photos of cakes made from watermelons. You can learn more about my video lessons that teach how to make these watermelon cakes.

Lots more Watermelon Cake Ideas

If you would like to see many more photos of variations on my watermelon cakes, check out these previous blog posts.


In the next couple of days, I’ll be publishing  another article with more variations on the watermelon cake idea. You’ll see some cakes made from watermelons that are large, wild and wonderful.

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