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Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships

snow-sculpture-1stplaceFor 24 years, Breckenridge, Colorado has been the home of the Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships. Held January 21-February 4, this event draws snow sculpting teams from around the world as well as many visitors who simply want to view their impressive work. This year featured 16 four-person teams from Catalunya (Spain), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia (2 teams), Russia and USA.

The snow artists begun sculpting from giant blocks of snow on January 21 and continued to perfect their work using only hand-held tools through January 25. After the awards ceremony was held on January 25, the sculptures remained standing for public viewing through February 2.

Next year, if you want to attend, you can find out the dates of the event at

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Award Winning Snow Sculptures

The home team from Breckenridge, Colorado won first place in the competition with their sledding recreation.

Snow Sculpture First Place USA

A view of the first prize winner by Team USA from the front.


Snow Sculpture First Place Side View

Side view of the first place winning sculpture

Second place went to Team Germany’s impressively balanced and stacked snow sculpture.

Snow Sculpture Second Place

Germany’s second place piece

Another United States team placed third with this elaborately carved display.

Snow Sculpture Third Place

The third place winner by Team USA

More Incredible Snow Sculptures

Snow Sculpture by Team Great Britain

Great Britain’s detailed sculpture contribution


Snow Sculpture by Team Mongolia

The team from Mongolia created this detailed warrior that was certainly eye catching.


Snow Sculpture by Team Lithuania

The Lithuanian team created an angular masterpiece.


Snow Sculpture by Team Estonia

Estonia’s entry featured some bold graphic carving.


Snow Sculpture by Team Colorado

A third American team carved this imaginative piece for the event.

Ice Sculptures After Dark

If you thought the ice sculptures were stunning in the sunlight, wait until you see their beauty illuminated with multi-colored lights at night. The following photos are absolutely breathtaking!

Snow Sculpture Display at Night

People gather to view the ice sculptures at night


Snow Sculpture 1st Place at Night

Here’s another look at the first place winner at night.


snow sculpture at night

The blues and purples make the ice sculpture even more beautiful at night.


Snow Sculpture Viewing at Night

People stop to snap photos of the incredible ice carvings in the evening.


Snow Sculptures at Night

Two of the gorgeous entries are illuminated brilliantly in the dark.

The Snow Sculptors at Work

These snow sculptures took several days to create. Here’s a look at some of the sculptors hard at work on their creations. These photos also give you a much better idea of the large scale of these snow creations!

Snow Sculpture Breckinridge Carver

A member of the first place team puts some finishing touches on their sledding duo.

Snow Sculpture Team Finland

Team Finland doubles up to work on their carving.


Snow Sculpture Lithuania

Team Lithuania chisels their snow block.

Video of Snow Sculptures from the Breckenridge competition in 2008.

We’re amazed at the hard work, dedication and talent that went into creating these beautiful carvings at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships and hope you enjoyed them too!

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