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Bird Carving Designs in Food


Daikon bird carving by Tzipy Cohen

In honor of National Bird Day, here are some bird carving designs in fruits and vegetables.

January 5th is National Bird Day. It is celebrated by bird lovers through bird watching, studying birds and other bird related activities. So, why not create bird carvings?

In the past, I’ve written a few blog posts featuring bird carving designs in food. Since the bald eagle is the official bird of America, I’ve received photos from students and readers of their unique bird-themed carvings. Most of the photos featured eagles or hawks. You can check out these clever bird carving designs in my previous blog posts:

Eagle Carvings by Readers

 American Eagle Platter made with chicken, cheeses and salami

After this, a student of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Lessons sent me some beautiful bird carving photos she found, and another reader, Cary L. Thornton, e-mailed me his own melon bird carvings.  Birds are such a pretty animal to carve into fruits and vegetables so I thought you might enjoy these photos!

Bird Carving Designs in Food

Earlier this week, a student of my carving lessons sent photos from a Vegetable and Fruit Carving competition. It’s the European Carving Championships held in Leipzig, Germany.

Two of the competitors used a bird carving theme in their display.

Check out these amazing eagle carvings! The first one is by Vegetable sculptor Vadim Nefedov. I read that each participant was provided with a basket containing melons, giant papayas, kohlrabi, cucumbers, radishes, Chinese cabbages and carrots. Participants were allowed to bring their own pumpkin. It looks like Mr. Nefedov’s eagle carving  was created mostly using pumpkin.

Nefedov eagle bird carving

Vadim Nefedov puts the finishing touches on his pumpkin eagle carving during the European Carving Championships in Germany

This next eagle carving is by Russian vegetable carver Anastasia Korsakova.

Anastasia Korsakova's bird carving

Anastasia Korsakova’s carving her vegetable eagle at the European Carving Championships last year

What amazing detail these artists added to their bird carving designs!

After looking at these photos, I was reminded of a previous post I wrote, which featured my nephew Jesse’s trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam. Jesse and his fiance took a junk boat tour through Halong Bay and were treated to dinner inside a limestone cave, complete with elegant fruit carvings. One of the carvings Jeese took a picture of was this pineapple eagle:

Pineapple bird carving in Vietnam

A carved pineapple eagle displayed at dinner during my nephew’s visit to Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you feel like taking an armchair vacation, I invite you to check out my post called Fruit Carvings in Vietnam. My nephew took some great photos from his trip!

More Bird Carving Designs Using Different Vegetables

Here is a picture of an easy squash bird that I made for a friendly fruit carving competition and won 2nd prize.

Nita's bird carving

Squash bird carving with melon roses, leaves and buds taught in Nita’s Carving Watermelons DVD

The melon carvings I made for my display are taught in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves DVD. Carved melons make a nice accompaniment to any fruit carving display and are really beautiful on their own as a centerpiece.

The next two bird carving photos are from the Songkran Festival, which is a Thai New Year celebration that I have participated in the past couple of years. There are always beautiful fruit carvings to feast your eyes on!

Both of these birds below were made from daikon – one was painted with food coloring:

Daikon bird carving

Daikon bird carving and watermelons display at the Thai Songkran Festival


Daikon bird carving 2

Daikon bird carving painted with food coloring

A couple of years ago, I entered this watermelon bird carving into a fruit carving competition and won second place. I suppose it is an imaginary bird with the crown of a peacock and the wings of a swan. A peaswan or a swancock or swock. Oh nevermind, call it whatever you like.

When readers saw my photos,  I got a lot a requests asking for more details and information about my watermelon swan. So I made up this short video to show you more details. Enjoy!

Nita's swan bird carving

Nita’s watermelon swan carving

Learn to Make an Elegant Apple Bird Carving from my Hearts and Roses DVD Lessons

If you’re new to vegetable and fruit carving, don’t worry if those bird carving photos seem intimidating at first. Many students of my lessons have looked at a beautiful carving and said, “It’s too hard” or “I’ll never be able to do that!”. But time and time again, they’re proven wrong. Why? Because vegetable and fruit carving can be learned by anyone as long as they know the techniques.

If you want to see what I mean, go ahead and sign up for my free lesson on how to carve a simple yet beautiful edible radish bouquet.

Apple bird carving

Apple bird carving taught in Nita’s Hearts and Roses DVD lessons

And in keeping with the theme of birds in today’s post, you can learn to make an easy but elegant apple swan from my Hearts and Roses DVD. You’ll also learn to make other romantic themed carvings such as beet and turnip roses and orange hearts.

Thanks for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed the photos from today’s post. Go ahead and have fun making your own bird carving creations and do share your photos!


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    amazing………….this is very helpful for me

  2. Pedro Baybayan January 20, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    Totally awesome!!!!!EveryAsian Pacific month i demonstrate at the US Postal Service in Philadelphia some vegetable carvings and these items inspire me to do more . Thanks.

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