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Best Pumpkin Sculptures of the season

Here are a handful of the best pumpkin sculptures that I saw during this Halloween season. These talented pumpkin sculptors and their creations are amazing! Many were created from giant pumpkins.

Masterful 3 Dimensional Pumpkin Sculptures

Rabid Rabbit by Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler - best of pumpkin sculptures

Rabid Rabbit by Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler at the Bronx Zoo.

Chef Frankenbunny in all his glory 🙂 Sue Beatrice designed this wonderful character on a placemat at our local diner. One of my favorite pumpkin carves of all time. A Rabid Rabbit!
-Andy Gertler

Rhino pumpkin sculpture by Andy Gertler and Sue Beatrice

Rhino carved from a giant pumpkin by Andy Gertler and Sue Beatrice. Isn’t it awesome?!!

To see more amazing animal pumpkin sculptures by Pumpkin Sculpt USA, click here.

burger pumpkin by Danny Kissel

This “burger” is carved completely from pumpkin by Danny Kissel. It’s creative as well as being realistic, isn’t it?

This is my vegan, gluten free, soy free, antibiotics free, raw, non GMO, organic, fat free, low carb meal! Carved completely from pumpkin.
-Danny Kissel

pumpkin king by danny kissel

Danny Kissel also made this big, scary looking, pumpkin skeleton king from a 1000 pound pumpkin.

Complete with fog machine, red lights and sounds from the underworld all stashed inside the 1000lb+ pumpkin.
– Danny Kissel

Pam Leno with her prize winning Goblin pumpkin

Pam Leno was the Grand Champion Winner at Edgefield In Oregon with her fantastic goblin pumpkin.

pumpkin goblin by pam leno

Here’s another view of Pam’s goblin pumpkin.

pumpkin pipe organ by Russ Leno

Jamm’en on the pipe organ. This giant pumpkin was carved into a pipe organ by Russ Leno.

Here is one of Russ’ smaller pumpkin sculptures. It’s clever isn’t it?

russ leno's pumpkin woody

“Surfs up” old woody wagon sculpted by Russ Leno

Here is a creative use for pumpkins. Creator Stephan Koch called the following two photos, a pair of choppers.

One of Stephen Koch's chopper pumpkin sculptures

Pumpkin Chopper by Stephan Koch

Pumpkin helicopter by Stephan Koch

Pumpkin helicopter by Stephan Koch

Pumpkin King by Dean Murray

Dean Murray’s “King of Nothing” pumpkin sculpture.

Other fun pumpkin carvings

pumpkin spider head bt patrick harrison

Patrick Harrison cleverly used the shape of the pumpkin to make it look like a spider on top of a goofy head. I’m not sure who looks more surprised the spider or the face.

Is that a spider on your head or are you just glad it’s Halloween? – Patrick Harrison

gourd face by patrick harrison

Another of Patrick Harrison’s imaginative gourd faces.

rotting skull by Joaquin Cortez

The blackish mold only adds to the creepiness of this skull pumpkin sculpture

Decay has set in quick. – Joaquin Cortez

dinosaur pumpkin by Jess Parrish

Jess Parrish carved this giant pumpkin into a dinosaur head. The curious “chicks” are an adorable addition to the photo!

devil pumpkin by david smith

David Smith created this devilish pumpkin sculpture.

I’ve been fortunate to have met 4 of the above artists at competitions or when we carved at the White House a few years back. The rest, I’ve admired from afar.

These are just a few of the fantastic pumpkin sculptures created by a few of the best pumpkin carvers in the country during the 2016 Halloween pumpkin carving season. I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing these fun pumpkin sculptures.

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Ric Testani October 19, 2017 at 6:56 pm #

    These are wonderful and done by all great carvers. So lucky to be in an area where they get the freeze/frost. Pumpkins grow so much bigger and last longer then a day. South Florida is not the place for such wonderful fun. 10 – 20 lbs. is about the max here in the tropics LOL. Love watching these guys work.

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