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Benefits of a Hobby – How Hobbies Can Keep You Healthy and Happy

What are the benefits of having a hobby that you enjoy? Here are just a few:

  • Pure Enjoyment
  • Stress Relief
  • A Creative Outlet
  • A Sense of Accomplishment
  • Meet New Friends – or do something new with existing friends
  • Reduced Memory Impairment in later years

Stuart Brown, M.D describes the vast benefits of having hobbies well in his book, titled “Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”.  Dr. Brown says “When you’re using your imagination and have a heightened mood, you open possibilities that you wouldn’t think otherwise.” Because of this, he encourages busy people to find a hobby or time to play during hardship and stress.

The Unexpected Benefits of a Hobby Revealed in Mayo Clinic Study

The reduced memory impairment benefit of having a hobby was revealed by a Mayo Clinic study in Minnesota. Groups of people aged 70 to 89 were studied for memory impairment. A large group with mild memory impairment was compared to those who had no memory impairment. 

The results of the study showed that people who had been busy reading, playing games or engaging in craft hobbies like patchworking or knitting from age 50 – 65 were found to have a 40% reduced risk of memory impairment in their later years. Those who continued these these same activities in later life reduced their risk by 30% – 50%.

comraderie is one of the benefits of  a hobby

So, having a hobby like fruit carving can actually reduce your risk of memory impairment. Time spent on a hobby now may dramatically reduce memory loss in your later years. And even if you are past 65, it’s not too late to reap the benefits of having a hobby that you enjoy. You can read more about this Mayo Clinic Study here.

Benefits of a Hobby of Fruit And Vegetable Carving

Fruit and Vegetable Carving is an easy and inexpensive hobby to begin and enjoy. It also gives great creative satisfaction from the process of taking ordinary produce and turning it into works of art.

Benefits of a hobby include stres relieving relaxed focus

The creative focus experienced by people who enjoy hobbies can be a great stress reliever – fruit carver Tina LeBien focused on her melon carving

I know from personal experience that carving can feel very much like a mediation. I find that when I carve, all my troubles drop away and time seems to stand still. I find myself focused, quietly enjoying the transformation of an ordinary melon, pumpkin or other produce into something beautiful. My imagination is active during the process of creating. It feels good.

I’ve had many fellow fruit and vegetable carvers tell me that they experience the same thing.

Fruit carving is an easy entry hobby that anyone with functional eyes and hands can do. compared to many other hobbies, it has some great advantages.

1. The cost of beginning a fruit carving hobby is relatively low. All you need to start your first carving is a good paring knife and a some good instruction. When you want to add more fruit carving knives and tools and lessons to your collection, it is inexpensive compared to so many other hobbies. Compare the $20 – $100 you might spend on beginning fruit carving tools to what you might spent to begin the hobbies of photography, golf or sewing. These latter hobbies require hundreds or even thousands of dollars of equipment (golf clubs, camera, sewing machine) to get started.

2. Fruit carving materials are readily available and inexpensive. Carving materials (fruits and vegetables) are inexpensive and readily available as close as your local grocery store. No high priced golf green fees or country club memberships that you would need for golfing. No expensive fabrics as you would need for sewing. No pricey large electric tools as you would need for wood carving.

3. It can be done anywhere, by just about anyone with an interest to learn. It’s something anyone (with functioning eyes and hands) can do and enjoy anywhere. It provides creative satisfaction. It engages us in a sense of “flow”And it can be done anywhere. Just bring along a few knives and tools and you can carve anywhere in the world.

4. Fruit and vegetable carvings gets lots of oooohhs and ahhhhs. It’s a fun bonus. People tend to be very impressed with the beauty of fruit carving. And, carvings make great hostess gifts and potluck surprises.

5. Learning fruit carving is easier that is seems once you are shown how. Especially when you get instructions that help you to avoid common mistakes. That is what we specialize in – offering good, clear, easy to follow video lessons. If you have not already seen my free lesson showing you how to make a lovely radish bouquet from radishes, sign in at the top of this page for a free video lesson.

6. You can eat your mistakes. If you mess up your carving, you can just eat it. Ha. Of course you can eat your successful carvings too once you are done admiring their beauty.

6. Meeting new Friends Near the top of this article, I mentioned the benefit of meeting new friends. Some people find that carving fruit leads them to participate in friendly competitions where they meet new like minded friends. Some find carving a fun way to contribute to their church and other social events. Other enjoy delighting friends and family members. And some carving enthusiasts go on to offer their fruit carving services professionally.

friendly carving competition

Friendly competition gives opportunities to meet those with similar interests.

So perhaps you might want to celebrate National Hobby Month by beginning your fruit carving hobby. Or if you already carve, this will simply serve to remind you to pick up your carving tools again and have some fun. You will find my blog full of all kinds of fun ideas to try. Feel free to browse the pages of my blog.

As far as the benefits of carving fruit for a hobby, you don’t have to take my work for it, take a look at this article by ABC News that talks about the benefits of hobbies.

Enjoy the benefits of being healthy and happy with the hobby of fruit carving.

Learn to carve like a pro

4 Responses to Benefits of a Hobby – How Hobbies Can Keep You Healthy and Happy

  1. Taraz Martinez January 19, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    I want to thank you Nita for your wonderful instructions on Thai carving . I made two veggie bouquets. One for Christmas and one for my mom’s 85th birthday this month. They were a big hit and the cool thing is that I used the left over carving material to make soup!.
    I think it is important for us to use our brains in new ways and I think Thai Carving is certainly challenging . The idea is to create new pathways in the brain by doing activities that challenge us .

  2. Karla Pengsagun January 15, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

    This is a great post Nita, well worth remembering the reasons to take time out for things other then work, social commitments and household duties!

  3. Oscar Morrison February 5, 2020 at 6:38 am #

    I like the idea that fruit carving isn’t a very expensive hobby to maintain after you get started. My wife and I have been thinking about learning to do something new together this year so that we can change up how we use our spare time. Maybe learning how to carve fruit would give us a skill we could enjoy for a long time.

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