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Variations of Basket Weave Carvings by Students

It’s fun to see how different student/customers change up the idea a bit when making their own basket weave carvings. The result is that each person’s creations are unique.

Variation on the Basket Weave Idea

Customer Student Julio Di Filippo, who carves as a hobby, has had some fun experimenting with the different looks possible with the basket weave pattern. He’s made a vase, a basket and a bowl, each with his own special touches.

One of Julio Di Filippo's basket weave carvings - watermelon vase arrangement

Student Customer Julio Di Filippo made this beautiful watermelon arrangement. He carved the basket weave pattern into a watermelon leaving some of the outer green rind. He then used it as a vase to hold skewered fruit flower arrangement. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

watermelon basket weave bowl by Julio di Filippo

On this one, Julio Di Filippo carved a wide scalloped top edge with the basket weave below it to make a bowl filled with melon balls.

honeydew basket by Julio Di Filippo

Here’s another variation of the idea by Julio Di Filippo. He made a honeydew basket with a handle. He decorated the top rim and handle with grapes held on with toothpicks. Then filled it with fruit kabobs. The watermelon carving that you see on the right is taught in our Scroll Pattern video lessons.

Combining the Basket Weave Pattern with Flowers taught in other video lessons.

honeydew flower basket by Diep Tran

Customer / student Diep Tran carved the basket weave pattern on the bottom help of this honeydew and carve flowers and leaves on the top as taught in our Roses, Buds and Leaves Lessons. Diep did a beautiful job on this, don’t you think?

The photos came with this message:

Hi Nita
This is my third time to do this basket. I finally made it, just in time for my daughter 32th birthday.
– Diep Tran

honeydew flower basket by Diep Tran2

This is a look at another angle of Diep’s melon basket carving.

Six days later, I received the following note and photo from  Diep.

Hi Nita.
After eating the flower basket I save the basket. I carved daisy flowers and make into new veggie basket. I am so excited and want to share this photo with you.

basj=ket weave honeydew with daisy flowers carved from root vegetables by Diep Tran

Diep ate the top of her basket show above and reused the honeydew basket adding pretty vegetable flowers. The root vegetable daisies added to this basket are taught in the video lessons Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

Honeydew Bowls Basket Weave Carvings for Buffet Table

henydew basket weave melons by Ric Testani

Pro carver and past student Chef Ric Testani made several honeydew baskets to add to some buffet tables.

buffet with melon baskets

Ric used his honeydew melon baskets to hold berries in his buffet table layout.

I love this basket lesson it’s great. Not to mention “no one” can teach it like you. I had a blast carving this and everyone went crazy over this basket carving. It is truly a work of art and looks so hard to do. You made it so simple to watch the lesson and in no time it was done and perfect. Your step by step lesson is so perfect for any level carver. You are the best teacher. Tonight I brought home 3 cantaloupes and 3 honeydew melons to carve in to baskets for morning. I recommend your lessons to everyone and this is a must try for sure.
-Ric Testani

Two variations of a cantaloupe carved with the Basket Weave Pattern

cantaloupe basket weave melon bowl by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen started by making the cantaloupe melon basket leaving the rind on.

another cantaloupe basket weave melon bowl by Anna Nguyen

Anna then removed the outer rind leaving the inner green rind to produce this cantaloupe bowl. Which look do you like better?

As you can see from these student photos of basket weave carvings, you can use variations of the same carving technique on honeydews, cantaloupes, and watermelons to make bowls, vases and baskets and more.

You’ll get step by step instructions for carving the Basket Weave pattern in our Melon Basket Weave video lessons that you’ll find in our online shop. Our Thai Pro Knife or Dual Blade Knife is recommended for this carving.

Have fun!

Learn to carve like a pro

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