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Barbie Cake made of fresh watermelon

Little girls love their princesses. This Barbie cake made from fresh watermelon is great for celebrating girls’ birthdays. Make one of these and watch your girl’s face, light up. This short video will give you an overview of how to make one of these pretty Barbie princess “cakes”.

If you aren’t seeing the video here, scroll down to the YouTube version below.

Besides being beautiful, Barbie cakes made of fresh watermelons are a healthy alternative to regular cakes that are full of fats, processes flour and refined sugar. If you have a girl in your life with a gluten allergy or diabetes, this idea might be just what you are looking for.

The video on this page shows just one style. There are many ways that you can take this idea and change up the look of the skirt. Here how one of my customers made a similar Barbie from fresh fruit. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Barbie cake made of fresh fruit by Saana Etri

Customer/student Sonia Etri made this beautiful Barbie princess fruit arrangement.

Sonia used a watermelon as the skirt and attach the fruit with toothpicks.

5 Steps to Make Your Watermelon Barbie Cake

Here are written instructions for those who prefer to read , rather than watch a 2 minute video.

  1. Get a Barbie that has a molded bodice with a removable skirt and bring it with you when you shop for your watermelon so that you’ll get the right size and shape watermelon for your doll.
  2.  Cut about ¼ off the end of your watermelon and set cut side down. Then peel off the outer rind. If you are an experienced carver you can leave the green rind. That way, your ruffles can have green edges. For beginners, it’s easier to carve if you remove the rind first.
  3. Mark off segments with vertical lines and carve out the vertical segments revealing the pink fruit. Carve so that the segments with the rind are curved and not bluntly square.
  4. Then working from top to bottom, carve away horizontal pieces to make the layered ruffle look. Continue all the way around.
  5. Cut a hole in the top and carve out some of the fruit so that you can shove the Barbie’s feet, legs and hips into the watermelon. Start with a smaller hole because you can always make a hole bigger as needed. Once your Barbie doll is in the melon, you can add some pieces of rind like I did (see video for illustrations) to camouflage the gaps between the doll and the watermelon. I made it look scalloped so it would be consistent with the rest of the skirt.

More Barbie Princesses made using fruit.

Customer Student Kate Keirat sent in her two variations of her Barbie cakes made with fresh watermelon.

Barbie princess with watermelon skirt by Kate

Kate Kierat used kiwi to make the bodice for this Barbie princess with a watermelon skirt.

Barbie cake by Kate Kierat

Kate also made this variation of a Barbie with a different watermelon skirt. Look how she used a broccoli floret as a bouquet. Clever isn’t it?

Here is one more variation created a customer / student Gumersido Hernandez.

doll princess made with fruit by Gumersido Hernandez

Gumersido Hernandez’ Barbie princess made with fresh fruit is perfect for celebrating a quinceanera. Blackberries form the number 15.

Have fun making your own Barbie cake of fresh fruit.

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4 Responses to Barbie Cake made of fresh watermelon

  1. Deborah Cheeseman July 13, 2016 at 4:34 pm #

    Love it! Opens up whole new world for me!

  2. Diep tran July 19, 2016 at 7:58 am #

    Love it. Such a wonderful idea. Didn’t know you can do so much thing with watermelon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carmen S. August 8, 2016 at 5:55 pm #

    Absolutely fabulous , beautiful ideas to carve a watermelon, congrats about the one year old watermelon , how funny . Looking forward to enjoy fruit carving , think it is time to get involved in something i like to do . thank you for your lessons . regards. Carmen s.

    • Nita Gill August 9, 2016 at 11:35 am #

      I’m glad you are enjoying the info that I publish. You’ll find lots of fun tools and premium lessons in our online shop. Happy Carving!

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