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Baby’s 1st Birthday Fruit Arrangements

Celebrating Baby’s 1st Birthday with fresh fruit arrangements is a healthier choice than serving regular cake. And it can be a lot of colorful fun, too. This article shows a bunch of great fruit bowls, fruit trays and cakes made of fresh fruit that are great ideas for celebrating baby’s 1st birthday.

Sanaa Etri (also known as Sonia) has a business that offers pretty fruit arrangements in Australia. She is also a customer of our Carving Letters and Words Lessons and sent in some of her lovely photos to share with you.

Baby's 1st Birthday Fruit Arrangements with fruit kabobs by Sanaa Etri

Sonia’s pretty carved watermelons serve as vases to hold skewered fruit that guests can help themselves to.

You can learn how to carve words in watermelon like these in our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. The same techniques taught in these lessons are used to carve graphics like the Cookie Monster and Mini Mouse watermelon carvings below.

cookie monster fruit tray by sanaa etri

Fun Cookie Monster watermelon carving serves as the centerpiece of this beautifully arranged fruit tray for a 1st birthday. Sonia made this as well.

Minnie Mouse fruit tray is a fun way of celebrating Baby's 1st Birthday Fresh Fruit

Sonia also created this fun 1st birthday “cake” made of fresh fruit and topped it with a watermelon carving of Minnie Mouse

1st birthday fresh fruit cake by Sonia

Here is a simpler variation of a watermelon “cake” for a 1st birthday that is quite beautiful.

The ends of a melon (cassaba or canary) can be used to carve a simple clam shell to hold the number 1. It’s a simple idea that is easy to do and still very lovely.

More ideas for Baby’s 1st Birthday Fruit Arrangements

Mickey Mouse fruit tray by Ernestina Memorando

Ernestina Memorando made a different type of Mickey Mouse fresh fruit display for a 1st birthday. She made her Mickey Mouse face from cantaloupe and the ears from blackberries. The nose and eyes use grapes. Clever isn’t it?

Hi Nita!

Thanks for wonderful clear explanation in all your videos!

Didn’t know that I have so much in me….Attached is photo of a fruit that I made for a one year old birthday party!

Hope you like it.

Hami Omonira

1st birthday watermelon bowl by Hami

Customer /student Hami Omonira made this pretty watermelon fruit salad bowl for a 1st birthday

Since Hami sent in this photo in 2013, Hami has opened a small business offering fruit carvings and arrangments. In 2016 she wrote to me,

I bought my first cd from you! You inspired me to create a beautiful business- you are part of my journey.
Hami Omonira

All of these ideas are great for celebrating baby’s first birthday. Just MAKE SURE to remove any toothpicks or skewers from any of the fruit given to baby to eat. I suppose that is obvious. We just don’t want baby getting hurt.

In conclusion, I hope these photos shared by my student /customers will give you some fun ideas for celebrating baby’s 1st birthday with fresh fruit. Have fun making your own.

Thank you to Sonia Etri, Ernestina Memorando, and Hami Omonira for sharing their photos with us. If you are a student of our premium video lessons and want to share your photos, simply reply to one of my emails and attach your photos.

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