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Baby Shower Fruit Ideas

Here are some more fun baby shower fruit ideas to add to the watermelon baby carriage ideas in our last blog post.

Baby Shower Fruit Ideas by Deborah Cheeseman

one of deborah Cheeseman's baby shower fruit ideas

Deborah Cheeseman created this fun jungle scene made of fruit for a baby shower.

I wish I had bigger images to show you all the details of Deborah’s delightful baby shower fruit display.

baby monkeys made from bananas and oranges

These cute baby monkeys are assembled from fresh bananas, oranges, lemons and grapes complete with their own baby pacifiers.

watermelon hippo in baby shower fruit display

The cute watermelon hippo in the river of blueberries has marshmallow teeth. Notice the use of pineapple tops and romaine lettuce that adds greenery to the jungle look. Deborah also added green onion spray flowers along the banks of her blueberry river.


Deborah made an eggplant zebra, and a pineapple parrot perched on a pineapple fruit dip bowl. Guests can help themselves to the fruit in the tray.

Deborah’s baby shower fruit idea is well thought out, creative, and colorful. Isn’t it charming?

baby shower monogram watermelon carving

Here is another of Deborah’s baby shower fruit ideas. It’s a watermelon carving with the baby’s monogram carved it in. It serves as the centerpiece of a double tiered fruit platter.

You can discover how to carve the petal pattern shown above in my Watermelon Cakes video lessons. My Carving Letters and Words video lesson show how to carve monograms like the one in Deborah’s photo above.

A Few More Baby Shower Fruit Ideas

baby shower fruit ideas by Wilma

We featured Wilma Feather’s watermelon baby carriage in a previous post. Here you an see her whole arrangement that she made for a baby shower. Her melon bunny and baby carriage decorate her well laid out fruit platter.

baby shower fruit arrangement

After we published the recent blog post about watermelon baby carriages, customer, Abi Adefolarin, sent in her photo of her tiered baby shower fruit display, so we included it here.

orange and grape bunnies

These orange bunnies are another of Abi’s baby shower ideas that ended up in her final fruit display (not shown)

stork and baby pumpkin carving

This stork and baby pumpkin carving by Nita Gill (me) could be used for an Autumn baby shower. The same pattern can be carved onto watermelons in the summer. You’ll get this pattern when you join our Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

stork watermelon carving by Marius

Here is an example of a stork watermelon carving that can be used as part of a centerpiece at a baby shower. This was carved by Marius Tudorache.

stork watermelon carving

Another stork watermelon carving by Marius Tudorache. You can learn to carve graphics and words onto watermelons in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

baby boy baby shower watermelon centerpiece

This baby shower fruit arrangement is taught in the video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

You can also get a free lesson for a lovely radish bouquet that can serve as a centerpiece for a fruit tray at a baby shower. Click here to get your free video lesson or sign-up in the form on this page.

Thank you to Marius Tudorache and to customers Deborah Cheeseman, Wilma Feather and Abi Adefolarin for sharing their delightful baby shower fruit ideas with us.

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