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Autumn Vegetable Bouquets

leekandcarrotflower-bouquetSusan Bettridge, a customer/student of mine from New South Wales, Australia, kindly sent over several photos of her amazing autumn vegetable bouquets. Many of the techniques that she used to create these fall vegetable bouquets can be learned in the 101 Fruit and Vegetable Carving Course.

Sue joined my 101 Course and my Amazing  Carving with Jimmy Zhang lessons just 3 months before she sent me her lovely photos that included some autumn vegetable bouquets that I will show you here in this blog post. She added her own twist by dying some of her vegetable flowers.

Perhaps you will get some ideas here for your own autumn vegetable bouquets.

Here’s what Sue told us in an email,

Hi Nita, I placed an order on the 30th of April this year for my first purchase of the 11 week course and my Kom Kom knife set. Well, here we are in July the 22, 2013, 3 months later, these are my creations. I also purchased the DVD with Jimmy Zhang. I thank you for all that you and Jimmy has taught in these easy to follow demonstrations. I have a brain on overload when I go into a produce shop. I look at produce in another light….I have included some of my photos for your viewing. I enjoy and love watching, simple in produce, produce come to life, under the aid of carving tools, mixed with unlimited imagination, something so beautiful. I do get the WOW’s and OMG!!!, and more with the displays. I give away most to very grateful people. And lastly, thank you for making mistakes, I learn from them….I do also, I will, and always will, learn from mine also. Kindness and Blessings to you, Sue

Gorgeous Autumn Vegetable Bouquets

Here are photos of Sue’s beautiful autumn colored vegetable bouquets.


These carrot flowers in the autumn vegetable bouquets were made using the carrot curler that you can get in my online shop.

The same type of flowers using the carrot curler were made with beets and parsnips.


Autumn Vegetable Bouquet by Sue Bettridge. The spray flowers on the top are made from leeks. These are taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. Sue dyed the leeks in food coloring to get the various colors.

Photos of Amazing Autumn Vegetable Bouquets and More


Sue added her own flair to the onion lotuses that she learned in lesson 1 of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for beginners by dying her onion lotuses with food coloring.



The white pumpkin after Sue carved this lovely sunburst design.



The white pumpkin before



Turnip flower bouquet using butternut squash vase



Beautiful flower carving of the watermelon radish.


Here is Sue’s own take on a radish and leek bouquet.



A watermelon carved with Roses, Buds and Leaves, which are part of the 101 Course for Beginners. I like how she added the little serrated edges leaves made from watermelon rind.



Sue’s own honeydew swan creation.



It’s a small image but this watermelon flower taught in the 101 course



This fennel lily is taught in the 101 course.

These are small images but are what is some of what is taught in Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang. I know these photos are small but these were the photos sent.

Carrot Bouquets

Sue’s carrot flower bouquets as taught in Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

Great work, Sue! Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn vegetable bouquets and other pretty carvings with us and our readers!

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