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Artful Melon Rind Carvings

Melon rind carving is beautiful, too

James Perales with Carvings

James Perales with his Carvings

Here is another set of melon rind carving ideas. Watermelon carving does not just have to be about carving watermelons. Rinds can make pretty carvings, too.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about melon rind carving decorations and serving plates from watermelon rind. Today I want to share with you some more beautiful melon rind carving ideas.

These photos were sent to me and are the work of James Perales. He has taken the rind from honeydew and watermelon and carved it into decorations that really make his fruit display far more dramatic and beautiful that it otherwise would be. Keeping in mind that the rind would most likely be thrown out anyway, these melon rind carving decorations are very cost effective.

Artful Melon Rind Carvings

Artful Melon Rind Carvings by James Perales

James has carved a pretty family of Sea Horses with honeydew rind and green side of some watermelon rind. You can see that he has then done the opposite by using the pink fruity side of the watermelon rind when carving  this bird ready to take flight. Positioning it behind a watermelon basket and adding some artful sticks and leaves and James has created two eye catching carved melon rind works of art to add to his fruit buffet presentation. Beautiful!

Melon Rind Carvings add Beauty and Drama to Fruit Buffet Display

Fruit Display with Carved Melon Rind Art

Fruit Display with Carved Melon Rind Art by James Perales

Lovely job James has done, isn’t it. Thanks for sharing your photos James.

Have fun coming up with your own unique melon rind carving ideas.

If you want to create and ocean theme, you could take James’ Sea Horse Idea and Mani’s fish idea from an earlier blog article and combine them. The possibilities are endless. Maybe these ideas will give you some inspiration to experiment with melon rind carving.

You can send your photos to me at [email protected] I will look forward to seeing your melon carving ideas.

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  1. bobette peart October 5, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    very creative keep it up

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