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Astonishing Animal Pumpkin Sculptures

Awesomeness and more awesomeness. The pumpkin carving team of Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler create some of THE most impressive animal pumpkin sculptures that you will find anywhere in the world. Just look at these photos!

If you happen to be lucky enough to be able to visit the Bronx Zoo on any weekend in October, you’ll be able to see this team in action. A new creature or scene will come to life every weekend in October! Sundays are best to see the finished product.

Here’s a look at some of the animal pumpkin sculptures that ‘Pumpkin Sculpt USA’ have created so far.

Pumpkin Sculpture of Orangutan

Pumpkin Gorilla by Andy Gertler, Sue Beatrice, and Julia Jankowski

Look at this astonishing pumpkin sculpture of a Bornean Orangutan. Look closely at the amazing eyes. Those are not glass eyes. They are carved.

This carving of an adult male Bornean Orangutan created by Sue Beatrice, Andy Gertler and Julia Jankowski weighs about 450 lbs which is about twice the weight of an actual adult male.


Whole orangutan sculpture

Look at how realistic the whole sculpture is! All the visible parts are carved pumpkin

3/4 view of Orangutan by Pumpkin Sculpt USA

Here is another view of this 450 pound orangutan sculpture at the Bronx Zoo.

Construction of the Orangutan Sculpture

assembly of pumpkin orangutan sculpture

I love that the Pumpkin Sculpt Team shared photos of how they constructed this fantastic carving.

In the first photo you can see Sue working on the hand. You can also see how they add the musculature before adding any fur. The next photo shows the supports that holds up the long arm.

Structure of orangutan sculpture

The behind the scenes photo show how the pieces of pumpkin that make up the sculpture are supported. Interesting, isn’t it.

Seeing how this is made up of lots of parts of pumpkin may open your mind to possibilities for making your own amazing pumpkin sculptures. A pumpkin carving does not have to be from a single pumpkin.

Big Cat Pumpkin Sculptures

Big cat animal pumpkin sculptures by Pumpkin Sculpt USA

Gotta love this beautiful big cat sculpture. It is a striped leopard?  Whatever it is, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?


Lion pumpkin sculpture

Look at this ferocious lion pumpkin carving. I wish we could see the assembly of pumpkins that make up this sculpture. It’s mind boggling because the body and hind leg looks so seamless. Wow!

More Marvelous Animal Pumpkin Sculptures

Panda pumpkin sculpture

You gotta love this sweet panda pumpkin sculpture. Right?

Yet another amazing pumpkins sculpture of a baby elephant playing with butterflies. You can see the extraordinary artists of Pumpkin Sculpt USA in the background. From left to right, they are Andy Gertler,  JL Cook, and Sue Beatrice.

Julia Jankowski and Horse pumpkin sculpture

JL Cook gives a kiss to their horse pumpkin sculpture.

Rat stew animal pumpkin sculpture by Pumpkin Sculpt USA.

Here’s a creepy fun sculpture of a rat concocting a creepy stew of lizards, snakes, scorpions and more. I’ts so imaginative, isn’t it?

You can see a couple more animal pumpkin sculptures by the Pumpkin Sculpt USA team in one of our previous posts by clicking here.

Thank you to Sue Beatrice, Andy Gertler, JL Cook, and Julia Jankowski of Pumpkin Sculpt USA for sharing their creative talents with us via their photos. If you see this post before the last weekend in October 2018, you still have time to see their latest animal pumpkin sculptures at Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo.  Sundays are the best days to see their finished creations. If you see this article after Oct 2018, check out the Bronx Zoo for future years’ October season. This is the 7th year that pumpkin Sculpt USA has been carving at the Bronx Zoo, so I’m guessing it’s likely that they will be there in future years as well.

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