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Amazing Musical Fruit Carvings

svetlana-guitarMusical fruit carvings are a great way to celebrate birthdays, graduations and other events, especially for musicians! 

I’ve received several photos from my students and followers who have created wonderful examples of musical fruit carvings. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared Imaginative Musical Vegetable Carvings and Watermelon Carvings by Arturo Garcia and now I have a few more photos to share with you.

These photos showcase the creativity and skill of these amazing fruit carvers. If you’re looking for musical fruit carving ideas, these should serve as inspiration.

Musical Fruit Carvings by Pro Fruit Carver, Carl Jones

Professional fruit carver, Carl Franklin Jones, created these musical fruit carvings for the prestigious Peabody College at Vanderbilt in Nashville. The caterer was the fabulous Monica Holmes of “Clean Plate Club.”

What a blast working with such a trendsetting and passionate caterer! This graduation brunch was for 3,000 people. Yep, THREE THOUSAND. It was flawless. The food was amazing. Chris Holmes’ culinary team is incredible. This brought a lot of joy to many people, especially me!”

Carl-Jones-musical fruit carvings

Carl’s musical fruit carvings for the Peabody College.

Carl also carved an arrangement for Ivanka Trumps wedding.


Pumpkin carving by Carl Jones at Ivanka Trump’s wedding.

More Musical Fruit Carvings 

I met Svetlana when she was a student and now she is an accomplished professional fruit carver. Here is one of her lovely carvings with a musical theme for a Sweet 16 birthday.


The carving detail of the watermelon is simply exquisite. The thoughtful arrangement design and the vibrant colors of the fruit platter really makes this fruit tray outstanding.

I received the following photo from Reejsinghani on my Facebook page. To follow Vegetable Fruit Carving on Facebook, please click here:


These carvings are so creative and do a great job of integrating several types of fruit.

Although this drum was sent to me without any identification of the artist, it’s so creative that I just had to share it.


It’s unknown to me who created this drum set, but it’s a great example of musical fruit carvings.

Ray Duey, who is a long time prolific professional carver, posted this watermelon drum photo on my Facebook page. In Ray’s caption he wrote, “A little something I whipped up today. I’m feeling a little “beat”. Cute, huh?


A drum set created by fruit carver, Ray Duey.

Today, just as I was about to post this article, I stumbled across this flower arrangement of a guitar. I know it’s not fruit but it is art and it is pretty. I wish I know the artist so I could give credit.

flower guitar by unknown artist

What do you think of these carvings and arrangements? I think musical fruit carvings are certainly impressive and fun!

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2 Responses to Amazing Musical Fruit Carvings

  1. Flavia August 30, 2013 at 12:02 am #

    Here the guitar
    Excelent your site and your work!

    • Nita August 31, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

      Thank you Flavia, for giving us the source of the flower guitar.

      For those of you who are wondering. It was made by Alison O’Mara in the UK for a funeral tribute.

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