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Nita Gill won the first prize

THE CARVE Vegetable Carving Competition

People’s Choice Division – Winner’s and Competitors THE CARVE III at the Holland Farmer’s Market was a blast. Here are the winners and competitors of the People’s Choice division of the competition. The attendees of The Carve voted for their favorite vegetable carving arrangement. I was thrilled to be  awarded the first prize. Brandon D”Arca […]

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Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy describes the terms of our commitment to your privacy. Scroll down to see Terms of Use. PERSONS OR PARTIES COVERED This Privacy Policy is intended to cover all visitors to this website, all subscribers to lists or newsletters whether paid or unpaid, all members or affiliates whether paid or unpaid, […]

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Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please take a look. It’s most likely that your question will be answered. Q. Why am I not getting your emails with order confirmation, or free lessons and ideas? A. If you signed up for a free lesson and are not seeing the […]

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carved Daikon flower

Food Coloring for Vegetable and Fruit Carvings

Other than the standard blue,yellow,red and green food coloring found in grocery stores I have not been able to locate food coloring that gives a pastel shade to carvings. I suppose I could mix red and blue and try to come up with an acceptable shade of purple but was wondering if oriental/asian stores handle […]

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