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carl warner food landscapes

Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Have you ever seen the amazing food landscapes created and photographed by British photographer, Carl Warner? This amazing food artist was brought to my attention this week by one of my customer/students, M. Choquette. British Photographer Creates Food Landscapes that are a Feast for the Eyes. Carl Warner, 45, first draws his ideas, then buys […]

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Spicy Night Spice art

Spectacular Spice Art

For many people, spices are used solely to flavor dishes in the kitchen but for photographer Kelly McCollam, her pantry proved to be the inspiration for her remarkable spice art. She’s recreated famous works of art, such as Van Gogh’s “Starry, Starry Night,” using an assortment of colorful spices. While a lot of her artwork […]

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Food Art Pictures sardine belt by Fulvio Bonavia

Food Art Pictures | Edible Fashion by Fulvio Bonavia

Today I’d like to showcase some witty food art pictures by award-winning photographer, Fulvio Bonavia from Milan, Italy. Food has become an increasingly popular medium for photographers, as it allows them to create art that is appealing to a number of senses, including our taste buds! Fulvio Bonavia’s unique take on food art pictures involves combining food and fashion. According […]

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Dolphung Ice Carving at Night

Ice Carving Sculptures

Okay, it’s not exactly snowing or icy here in California, but I wanted to share some ice carving pictures with you from one of my readers, Jana Phung. The Art of Ice Carving Did you know that many chefs who do fruit carving also do ice carving? I haven’t tried ice carving myself, so I […]

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Citrus Bell Tower and Giant at Lemon Festival 2012

Lemon Festival in France

Have you ever heard of a Lemon Festival in France called “Fete Du Citron”? Well, you don’t have to be a citrus lover to appreciate the spectacular lemon and orange sculptures displayed at the annual Lemon Festival held in the city of Menton in Southern France. This unique festival was initially brought to my attention […]

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Cindy Halferty’s Edible Garden House Vegetable Art

The Garden House: A Vegetable Art Idea by Cindy Halferty

Today, I’d like to share a clever vegetable art idea created by one of my readers, Cindy Halferty. This will be especially interesting if you have children in your life. You may have built and decorated a Gingerbread House with your kids during Christmas laced with cookies, icing sugar and candy. Well, here’s a healthy […]

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