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Nita's watermelon carving of a face

Carving Watermelon Faces

A couple of weeks ago I played around a bit with carving watermelon faces. I wanted to see how well techniques for carving 3D faces in pumpkins would work for carving faces in watermelon. Here is my result. I was aiming to make friendly looking guy.  Because I was using my own face in the […]

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Competitions Winning Entry by Nit aGill

Competitions Season for Food Sculptors

The Competitions Season is here for Food carvers and sculptors, both professional and aspiring! If you enjoy vegetable and fruit carving as a hobby, there’s no better way to challenge yourself than to test out your skills at a few carving competitions. Competitions Push You to Challenge Yourself I know for some people just hearing […]

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Ray Villafane as seen in the Wall Street Journal

How to Carve Pumpkins like Ray Villafane

It’s been a very busy fall this year with introducing Ray Villafane’s 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials on DVD and with my carving at the White House. I hope that you had a very Happy Halloween. People Learn how to Carve Expressive Pumpkins in the style of  Ray Villafane Lots of my customer/students have been having […]

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