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twisty twirl tool

Twisty Twirl Tool

This Twisty Twirl tool is a fun way to make easy vegetable garnishes, fancy fries and vegetable candles. Scroll down to see a short video showing how you can dress up your food presentation.

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watermelon fruit salad basket in buffet

Students show off their watermelon fruit salad baskets

Summer is the perfect time for making pretty watermelon baskets. They always get lots of ooohs and aaaahs. Beautiful Watermelon Fruit Salad Basket with rose carved handle Customer / student Larry Slawson made this beautiful watermelon fruit salad basket. He carved the roses and leaves into the handle of his basket and made neat zig-zag […]

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vegetable curler

Vegetable Curler

This Vegetable Curler will enable you to quickly and easily make lovely vegetable flowers from cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash, yams and more. It’s like the carrot curler only larger. See video below. Out of stock.

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wavy peeler

Wavy Peeler

The wavy peeler is perfect for making pretty garnishes fast. Scroll down to see video and examples of beautiful garnishes that you can make with the wavy peeler.

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onion flower with cauliflower center

Onion Flowers Add Color to Spring Platters

Onion flowers are a beautiful addition to serving plates and centerpieces for Easter and other spring events. The white onions provide a basic backdrop for vibrant colored centers made out of other carved vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes or yellow and purple cauliflower. Learning to create onion flowers is super easy. It’s also the first lesson […]

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cross watermelon carving

Easter Fruit Carving Lessons and Tools

Want to stun your friends and family with visual beauty at your Easter celebration? You’ve probably heard the old adage that “We eat with our eyes”. Making Easter fruit carvings to your food presentation can really raise the WOW factor of your party. We have a whole bunch of Easter Carving Ideas for you throughout […]

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Onion Flower Video Lesson – alternative player

If you had trouble viewing the videos on the original page, maybe these videos will play better for you. This page uses a different type of player than the original page with this lesson. Please let me know whether or not these videos play for you by commenting in the comments section below. Thank you. […]

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carved purple onion flower

Onion Flower Video Lesson

Here is a free lesson showing how to carve an elegant onion flower from purple onions. Of course the same carving techniques can be used to carve flowers from white and yellow onions, too. These can be used as garnishes on large serving platters or an part of an elegant centerpiece. Onion Flower Lesson Part […]

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