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cross watermelon carving

Easter Fruit Carving Lessons and Tools

Want to stun your friends and family with visual beauty at your Easter celebration? You’ve probably heard the old adage that “We eat with our eyes”. Making Easter fruit carvings to your food presentation can really raise the WOW factor of your party. We have a whole bunch of Easter Carving Ideas for you throughout […]

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watermelon portrait for wedding rehearsal dinner

Carved Portraits on Watermelons & Pumpkins by student/customers

This article features some of the portraits that have been carved by some of my student/customers and blog readers. Maybe they’ll give you the encouragement to try some of your own. Pumpkins and watermelons that have carved portraits are a great way to honor guests at any special occasion. Carved Portraits Honor Loved Ones This […]

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Which Lessons are Best for You?

Are you wondering how to get started with my lessons? Are you a little overwhelmed by the choices of lessons in our online shop? It’s actually simpler than it seems. You will find a chart of our lessons near the bottom of this page that illustrates our offerings in an easy to understand graphic. There, […]

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