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wedding couple faces carved on watermelon

Faces Carved on Watermelons Celebrate Wedding, Birthday & Anniversary

Faces carved on watermelons can make a special decoration for a variety of celebrations. Faces Carved on Watermelon for Wedding Student/customer Ms. Jamen carved her sister and her fiance’s faces onto a watermelon that was then used as a fruit bowl and centerpiece for a fruit table. Unfortunately, the table with it’s beautiful carving display got […]

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cookie monster fruit tray by sanaa etri

Baby’s 1st Birthday Fruit Arrangements

Celebrating Baby’s 1st Birthday with fresh fruit arrangements is a healthier choice than serving regular cake. And it can be a lot of colorful fun, too. This article shows a bunch of great fruit bowls, fruit trays and cakes made of fresh fruit that are great ideas for celebrating baby’s 1st birthday. Sanaa Etri (also […]

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Fun Birthday Party Fruit Carving Display with Pumpkin Portrait

A carved pumpkin portrait make a great centerpiece for birthday fruit carving displays. One of my student/customers Deborah Cheeseman, who is a professional caterer and fruit carver in Alabama, created a really fun and personalized birthday fruit display for a party honoring her 90 year old aunt.  I loved it and thought you might get […]

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Mariano Orozco carved this elegant script "Appy Birthday" for a pretty watermelon centerpeice.

Happy Birthday Watermelon Carvings – See some great birthday ideas

Recently I published a couple of articles showing Happy Birthday watermelon carvings that look like cakes. Now I’ll show you a few other birthday watermelon carvings that some of my student / customers have created for their loved ones and their customers. Happy Birthday Watermelon Carving – Bowl This first watermelon carving was made by one […]

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Julia Child in the kitchen

Remembering Julia Child on her 100th Birthday

August 15th this year would have been the 100th birthday of Julia Child, legendary TV chef and cookbook author. This event has inspired chefs, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts all over America to celebrate in honor of her memory. And rightly so, since she was, and still is, a major iconic figure in the culinary world. Julia Child […]

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Norman Rockwell painting carved by Oliver Tanner

Watermelon Lanterns – Create Elegant Atmosphere for Parties

When you are planning to throw a party and want do decorate with something beautiful and unexpected, consider making some carved watermelon lanterns. When lit from inside in low light condition, they’ll add a mysterious aura of beauty and elegance to your event. Look over this whole article to see the most amazing example of […]

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