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6 Quick Pumpkin Carving Tips

I’ve got six videos with quick pumpkin carving tips for you. The first video shows how you can draw your pattern boldly on your pumpkin, yet end up with no drawing marks. You’ll like this simple trick. It will give you a nice clean finished carving.

Five additional quick pumpkin carving tips.

You will find 5 more very short videos in the playlist above. To select the next video, hover your mouse over the right hand side of the video screen. You’ll see the additional videos, and select them. Or, do nothing and they will play one after another.

Here is what they are about.

How to make the longest lasting logo pumpkins. 21 Seconds.

An simple way to make pumpkin carving a bit easier. 1:40 minutes.
You can get an 8″ ring like the one shown in the video here.

How to select thick pumpkins for 3D carving and thinner pumpkins for carving Jack O’Lanterns. 1:18 minutes

How Master Carver Danny Kissel makes his own custom pumpkin carving tools out of ordinary inexpensive tools. 48 seconds
By the way, Danny won the title of Overall Champion at the Jack Hanna Pumpkin Carving Competition. You can see the amazing pumpkin build that he created with his giant squash by clicking here. You’ll also see remarkable carvings from giant squashes done by 10 master carvers. Even, more 3D carvings by the master carvers can been seen on another post, here.

When is a pumpkin a squash? 32 seconds.

I hope that you found these easy pumpkin carving tips useful. Happy Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro


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