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4th of July Food Carvings by Readers

Jim Morgan's 4th of July Eagle carving

Jim Morgan’s 4th of July watermelon eagle carving

I recently featured a 4th of July carved watermelon eagle by Chef Jim Morgan in a previous post. After this, I was delighted to receive even more photos from readers with creative food ideas from their Independence Day celebrations.

The bald eagle is the official bird of America, so it’s really fun to see different interpretations of this bird by different food artists. Take a look at some of the food carving photos that were sent to me after this year’s 4th of July festivities!

4th of July Food Carvings by Readers

Here is a watermelon carving of a bald eagle by Rodney Dikin. Rodney got creative and used some spray glitter on his watermelon to dress up his food art even more:

Nita, here is something i hope you like..i also added i little craft paint and spray glitter to add some effects for the 4th of July.The mouth, beak and around the eyes is from the skin of a gourd of squash and the center of the eyes are from black bean skin.”

Rodney Dikin's 4th of July watermelon Eagle carving

Rodney used spray glitter to give his watermelon eagle a sparkle effect

What a wonderful job you did, Rodney – you really brought the eagle to life!

This next bald eagle carving is by Carl Jones. He is a long time caterer and carver – he even carved a fruit and vegetable display at Ivanka Trump’s wedding!

Carl decided to carve a side view of an eagle, which is just as effective and perfect for America’s birthday celebration. Take a look:

Carl Jones' 4th of July watermelon carving

Carl Jones carved a side view of the bald eagle for the 4th of July

I really like how Carl used the different layers in the watermelon to create color in his carving. For example, he kept much of the green peel in the lower part of his carving and carved to reveal more of the red watermelon flesh at the top which creates more color contrast and dimension for the eagle’s face. Nice work, Carl!

I received this next photo from David Utley, who is a professional ice carver in Atlantic city. Isn’t his ice carving of a bald eagle amazing?

David Utley's 4th of July ice carving

An American Eagle ice carving by David Utley

Ice carving is something I’ve never tried, but it looks fun! If you’d like to see some more incredible ice carving sculptures, check out some of my previous blog posts:

Ice Carving | A Spectacular Event in China

Ice Carving Sculptures 

Star Spangled Watermelon Basket for the 4th of July | A Free Lesson!

I have a few free lessons on my blog to get you started on your vegetable and fruit carving journey. One of my free lessons teaches you how to make two different red, white and blue watermelon fruit bowls for the 4th of July. These fruit bowls can actually be used for any occasion, not just the 4th of July, by simply adding different colored fruits and cutting the fruit into different shapes rather than stars. Just use your imagination and creativity!

Well, Debbie Farnsworth used the ideas from my free lesson to make her own star spangled watermelon fruit bowl. Check it out!

4th of July Fruit Bowl by Debbie Farnsworth

4th of July Fruit Bowl by Debbie Farnsworth taught in Nita’s free video lesson

Isn’t it festive? Debbie said that she used candy cane beet to make those red and white stars. If you want to try making the radish flowers in Debbie’s photo, check out my free lesson on how to make a simple yet beautiful radish bouquet. This technique is great for beginners but has been used by professional chefs and caterers as well.

I Invite You To Send Me Photos of Your 4th of July Food Creations

If you celebrated America’s birthday this year, I hope you had a great time! You can check out some of the family fun I had on that day by clicking here. You can see the fruit carvings I made for this event and see some footage of my family being just a little bit silly!

Oh, and I invite you to send me photos of your 4th of July themed food ideas and creations – I’d love to see them!

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