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4th of July Watermelon Carving Photos

4th of July watermelon carving - Striped Pedestal BowlThis article will show you a bunch of photos of 4th of July watermelon carving photos. Most were sent in by my students and blog readers and a couple of the photos are carvings that I made for my 4th of July BBQ party.

I’ll show you some Striped Pedestal Watermelon Bowls and some American Flag fruit salads made by students who learned from my lessons.

The first are photos of 4th of July watermelon carvings from Christine Bevins who took my idea for a flag carved 4th of July, red white and blue watermelon salad that I show in another blog article and created her own.

Christine’s rendition is fun, isn’t it? The added pin wheels make it even more festive.

If you have carved a fun 4th of July watermelon carving, or a striped salad bowl as I show in my previous blog article a couple of days ago, send me your 4th of July watermelon carving photos. I’d love to see them.

4th of July Watermelon Carving Photos
Sent to Me Following the Free Online Lesson

my 4th of July watermelon boat thanks for the idea – christine”

American flag watermelon for 4th of July

American flag watermelon by Christine Bevins

4th of July watermelon salad

4th of July watermelon salad by Christine Bevins

Here are some more 4th of July watermelon carving photos that have been sent to me after the 4th of July.

Hey Nita,

I have attached some pictures of my first attempt of carving watermelons.
I hope you like it.
4th of July watermelon bowl carving

American Flag and Watermelon Bowl – Naz Begum’s first attempt at carving watermelons

Naz must be carving up a storm because I just received this additional photo of a red and white striped watermelon bowl, this time with straight stripes rather than curvy ones. Good job Naz. Thanks for sharing.

red and white watermelon bowl

Another watermelon bowl by Naz with straight stripes


A picture of my 4th of july fruit basket! Def took some time, but didn’t come out too shabby for my first time! 🙂

Thanks for the videos! 🙂


4th of July Watermelon Carving Photos - Melissa

Melissa’s 1st Watermelon bowl carving for the 4th of July


Mrs. Gill,
Here is the front view of my ever first fruit carving….
American Flag Waremelon for 4th of July

American Flag Watermelon for 4th of July made by Eunice Webba

Hi Mrs. Gill,
Today, I sent this water melon to the American Club In Singapore, to their celebration of 4th of July. They were happy for my effort, even though they can see that my carving wasn’t that “perfect”. They told me when I improve , they will order from me. I told them I just do it for fun, I enjoy doing any food decoration.
Eunice Webba”
American Flag Watermelon by Eunice Webba

American Flag Watermelon by Eunice Webba


Hi Nita, These are some of the photos I took. It was a rush job because I was not feeling too good and could not get to upload it before now. Thanks, Gift Isiakpere (Fruit fantasy)”

Gift Isiakpere with her 4th of July American Flag Watermelon Carving

Gift Isiakpere with her American Flag Watermelon Carving

Gifts 4th of July watermelon

Gifts 4th of July watermelon

The fruit salad side of Gift's American Flag Watermelon Carving

The fruit salad side of Gift’s American Flag Watermelon Carving

I like how Gift modified the opening for the fruit salad and how she added the skewers with the strawberries and blueberries topped with stars. It’s always fun to see how people take ideas and created their own unique variations.

Here are a couple of 4th of July watermelon carving photos taken at our small BBQ party that we hosted. This time I made wavy lines and put the stars around the top of the bowl.

4th of July watermelon photos-Nita's

Nita’s 4th of July watermelon bowl with red and white wavy stripes

Nita's watermelon bowl with stars around the edge

Watermelon bowl that Nita made for her 4th of July BBQ with stars around the edge

After we were done eating, I noticed that the afternoon light was shining through the bowl and it gave me another idea. You could take the bowl, turn it upside down and light from inside with a battery operated light. It could then serve as a decorative watermelon lantern in part of a buffet display. And, you could always use the upside down bowl as a base on which to place another fruit display arrangement or flower arrangement. Use your imagination!

Watermelon bowl lantern idea

Afternoon sun shining through watermelon inspired a watermelon lantern idea. Upside down bowl can be lit from inside and used as a base for another fruit or flower display.


Even more 4th of July watermelon carvings – Striped Pedestal Bowls

Watermelon bowl by Teresita Stafford

Watermelon bowl by Teresita Stafford

Here are a few more photos that have come in since 4/7/2011. These watermelon bowls can be used any time of the year. I like how they look with the green rind still on. It is a bit more difficult to work with the hard green rind but it creates a whole different look. Thanks to Marsha and Charu for sharing their photos with us.

Watermelon Bowl with Green Rind by Charuchandra Bhide – India

Watermelon Bowl with Green Rind by Marsha Williams - California

Watermelon Bowl with Green Rind by Marsha Williams – California

This was also Marsha’s first attempt at melon carving. Great job Marsha.

4th of July Watermelon Carving Idea Modified for Use at a Wedding

Below is another fun adaptation of the watermelon bowl idea used for a wedding. This carving was done by Sharron Nickerson. This was her first attempt as well. Here is what she wrote to me:

Hi Nita,

My fruit and veggie appetizers display turned out awesome. No one could believe it was my first one. I have done smaller fruit bouquets but nothing on this scale. I found some other Ideas from off the Internet but the watermelon and Radish bouquets were the favorite. It was a big hit at the wedding in my back yard. I did get the tools on Friday.

Thanks Sharron”

Wedding Watermelon Bowl

Watermelon Bowl Idea Created for a Wedding by Sharron Nickerson

You can see more of Sharron’s wedding fruit display on another blog post. (Just click the blue link earlier in this paragraph).

I hope that you enjoyed these 4th of July watermelon carving (and non 4th of July watermelon bowl) photos.

What other ideas have you come up with?

4th of July Watermelon Carving Becomes a Turtle

Update 7/20/11 – I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the 4th of July but I recently received these photos from Susy Reyes in Guatemala. I think it’s fun because she came up with a cute idea when her 1st attempt at making a watermelon bowl didn’t work out. Here is what Susy had to say:

“Good night Nita:
Hope you are doing well, I wanted to share with you something that happened to me today, I was trying to carve the 4th of July bowl, and suddenly, the watermelon was broken, so I made a small turtle, it is not perfect, since is my first carving, but here are the photos.  After that I made the bowl with grapes inside, I´ll send you photos tomorrow.
Thank you very much for sharing with us your talent,  I really enjoy your classes.
God bless you,
Susy Reyes
watermelon turtle

Broken watermelon bowl becomes cute turtle

Then the next day, Susy sent me this:
watermelon bowl with grapes

watermelon bowl with grapes by Susy Reyes in Guatemala

Good morning Nita, greetings from Guatemala.

Here is my photo of the bowl I did.

I am not a person with ability in handicrafts, but I am trying to learn to carve, and you really make the things easy and inspired me.

Thank you,

Susy Reyes

It’s fun how Susy decorated her bowl with grapes and made a flower with the part of the watermelon carved to make the base. It makes it quite whimsical, don’t you think?
Here is another watermelon bowl that Mike Ghali made. He wrote,
Hi Nita,
This was for a potluck at my wife’s work, and they all liked it! I hope you do too..
And I do! I like how Mike added the rose carving in the base of the bowl.

Watermelon Bowl made by Mike Ghali

Watermelon Bowl made by Mike Ghali

I’d love to see your 4th of July Watermelon Carving Photos.

You can see more fun 4th of July ideas including red, white and blue edible bouquets here.

Learn to carve like a pro

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    hi nita your watermeloncarvings are very beautiful. where can i get the carving tools in india please suggest

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      Thank you Elizabeth,

      I do not know where you can get them in India or if you can get them there. The tools are difficult to find in the USA and that is why I offer them on my site – to make it easy.

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    Lovely carvings

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