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Ray Villafane Inspired 3D Pumpkin Carvings that are Breaking Bad

This blog post features a few more 3D pumpkin carvings from student customers who learned from the Ray Villafane 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials that we offer in our Online Shop. It’s always fun to see what people come up with using their pumpkin carving skills.

3D Pumpkin Carvings by Luis Rodriquez

If you are a fan of the TV show Breaking Bad, then you will recognize this first 3D pumpkin carving by customer Luis Rodriquez.


Luis Rodriquez 3D pumpkin carving inspired by the TV show Breaking Bad.

3D pumpkin carving of Walter White / Heisenberg

Here is a closer look at Luis’ Walter White / Heisenberg 3D pumpkin carving.

Here is another 3D pumpkin carving by Luis Rodriquez. It’s not feeling too well.

Sick pumpkin by Luis Rodriguez

Sick pumpkin by Luis Rodriguez

Pumpkins are a great medium to carve in the 3D fashion while there are in season. But, what can you carve when pumpkins are out of season? How about diakon, butternut squash and even watermelons. These also make good carving materials for 3D style sculpting.

radish clown 3D carving

This clown by Luis Rodriques was carved using a large Korean radish

Paddy O’Brien Discovers Passion for 3D Carving

Here are a few of Paddy O’Brien’s first 3D pumpkin carvings after learning from Ray Villafanes 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials. Turns out that Pat discovered that he LOVES carving so much that he finds himself carving late into the night. He wrote to me saying,

Thanks so much for sharing with me the news of carving enthusiasm sweeping the masses, as is its destiny. I, like so many of my creative, left brain leaning types, have lived a life with varied incidents ranging from colorful to downright checkered. Yet here i get all tingly on september eve as the pumpkins and gourds are coming! I have partied well into the next day on several occasions in my life (none recently Im sad to say..) yet here i forego such opportunities to carve deep into the night by reading light and tv glow, and just blissful. So here are 3 of what I did last year and will send you some much improved examples this fall! “Zipperhead” is a ripoff of one i saw online and did for practice, and was my first attempt. Pales next to the original, but why let lack of talent be a reason to stop anything…The next is all original, 2nd attempt,” gourd” with pained look attributible to either gas or his horn slowly falling off with stitches breaking and wound widening. “Braniac” is just one people seem to like….Thanxsomuch, Paddy

Paddy O'Brien's first 3D pumpkin carvings.

Pat (Paddy) O’Brien’s first 3D pumpkin carvings.

One more fun 3D carvings sent in, is the Zombie Graveyard pumpkin created by Dale Urnos. The 3D concept can be used for more that carved heads as you can see in Dale’s carving.

pumpkin zombie graveyard

3D carving by Dale Urnos features the dead breaking free from their graves.

Dale might have been inspired by Ray Villfane’s very sophisticated carving at the New York Zoo. Check out this short video to see a truly amazing 3D pumpkin sculpture in a record breaking giant pumpkin.

To see some very skillfully carved 3D carvings from another Pat O”Brien who learned to make 3D pumpkin carvings from Ray’s DVDs, click here.  A big thank you to Luis, Pat, and Dale for sharing their photos. If you are a student of the Ray Villafane 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials and want to share your photos, feel free to send them to me. You can reply to one of my newsletter emails and attach your photos.

Have fun creating 3D pumpkins while pumpkins are still in season. And, when they are gone, try large Korean radishes, butternut squash or even watermelons (especially those with thicker rinds). Have fun. Oh, and if you are new to carving, take Paddy O’Brien’s advice and don’t let a lack of skill or experience stop you. You might discover that you will have a passion for carving, too.

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