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101 Course Certification – One Student’s Photos

Did you know that you can get Certification for our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners?

In this post, I’m showing off the photos of just one of our certified students, Xian Baldassara. She did a wonderful job of carving. In addition, she photographed her carvings beautifully as she created them. Some of her carvings are shown below. And these are only some of the carvings taught in the 101 Course.

First Time Melon Carvings and more

yellow watermelon flower by Xian-Baldasarra

Xian Baldasarra carved this lovely, yellow watermelon flower.

closer look - yellow watermelon flower

Here is closer look at Xian’s yellow watermelon flower made with our Corrugated U-Cutters

Xian's watermelon roses.

These are some of Xian’s watermelon roses that are taught in the 11th lesson set in our 101 Course for Beginners. Our Thai Pro Knife is great for carving melons like this.

Watermelon roses and buds by Xian

And, here you can see how Xian also carved the buds

Corrugated U-cutter flowers.

Xian carved these lovely flowers using our Corrugated U-Cutters. She did a lovely job making these.

I feel I am improved quickly because your video is sooo clear and concise step by step and explained every step, and everything in a explicit way, as if you just stand next to me.

-Xian Baldassara

carved flowers

Xian made these while learning the Honeydew Lotus with carved flower centers. These are the carved flowers for the center of the honeydew lotus. the honeydew lotus with a different center is shown below.

honeydew lotus

This is the honey dew lotus flower. Xian displayed it in a pretty pink bowl and filled the center with cherries for a colorful presentation.

onion lotus flowers.

Xian made these lovely onion lotuses that are taught in the 1st lesson or the 101 Course.

honeydew rose carving

This is one of Xian’s first attempts at carving a melon rose using a honeydew melon. Pretty isn’t it?

Vegetable Flowers and more

Here are some fun, fanciful vegetable flowers. Can you guess what they are made with besides the plum tomatoes?

colorful vegetable anthurium flowers

Vibrantly colorful tropical anthuriums inspired these veggy flowers.

Cantaloupe butterfly by Xian

Xian took the ideas for cantaloupe butterflies taught in my 101 Course, and made this one her own way. Fun, isn’t it?

Vegetable Calla Lilies

Do you know what these calla lilies are made from?

leek flower arrangement

Xian arranged these leek flowers in a planter with rocks that is very reminiscent of the desert.

chili pepper flowers by Xian

Festive chili pepper flowers by Xian. There are important things to know before making these to save you from pain. And, I show you in my 101 Course for Beginners.

In conclusion, Xian had a lot of fun. And as you can see for yourself, she did a great job of learning and implementing what she learned. If you want to have creative fun making beautiful carvings, bouquets, garnishes and arrangements, then you will love our Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners.

Learn to carve like a pro

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