Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knife Set

Set of 3 Fruit Carving Knife Set – Kom Kom Superior Quality

This set of 3 Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knives is the best sets around. Kom Kom enjoys the well deserved reputation for making some of the best quality knives for carving fruits and vegetables.Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knife Set

The blades are firm and very sharp and made of high quality stainless steel. Made in Thailand, these knives are versatile enough to use with all varieties of fruits and vegetables but unlike some, are strong enough for use with hard vegetables like root vegetables and hard squashes.

Because of it’s versatility, this set is a great all around set for beginners and skilled carvers alike.Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knives

This Kom Kom Knife set includes a sharp and strong carving knife for carving fine detail. The seeding knife is very useful for fine trimming work in hard to reach places. It’s long blade allows you to carve in areas where the carving knife may not reach. The paring knife is sharp and strong and handy to have on hand for a variety of cutting tasks. The blades on all three of these knives are very sharp,  somewhat rigid and quite strong.

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They are $27.99 for the set.

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