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Corrugated U Cutters and Melon Baller

Multi-Purpose Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tools

Many of my customers have asked me where they can get the tools that I use in my free video showing how to make a bouquet of flowers from radishes.They are not something you can easily find at local cooking stores. So, I am offering them here on my site. Watch the video for more details or just click below to order now.

Corrugated U-Cutter Set with Mini-Melon Baller – $23.95

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This is what these fruit carving tools tools look like. They are corrugated, they make U shaped cuts. So, they are called corrugated U cutters.

They enable you to make intricate carvings with a fraction of the effort it would take to get the same results by hand. They also give you more consistency in the size and shape of your cuts.

Here a just few of the types of vegetable and fruit carvings that you can make using them.

radish bouquet mde with corrugated U-tools

watermelon and yams carved using corrugated u-cutter tools

The other tool used in making the Radish Bouquet is the melon baller with two different sizes, one at each end. This larger size is easy to find in many stores that sell kitchen gadgets. But, this smaller size is not so easy to find. At least I had a hard time finding it.

This tool enables you to cut balls of melon and other fruits you can also use them with butter and some cheeses.

melon baller used with cantaloupe and pineapple

The small size melon baller is perfect for making small circle and ball shapes that make great centers for carved flowers. I’m offering this set of 4 corrugated U cutters with 8 different sizes and 1 melon baller with two sizes including this hard to find mini size.

To order yours, simply click on the link below. They are $23.95 for the set.

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Review of Corrugated U-Cutter Fruit Carving Tools

When I was shopping for corrugated U cutters for vegetable and fruit carving, I shopped around. To save you the time, trouble and expense of doing the same, the video below will show you what I found and why I’m choosing to offer these particular U cutter fruit carving tools.

Corrugated U-Cutter Set with Mini-Melon Baller – $23.95

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If you haven’t yet seen my free vegetable fruit carving lesson for showing you
how to make an edible flower bouquet from radishes, you can get it by signing in below.

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