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Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knife Set

Set of 3 Fruit Carving Knife Set – Kom Kom Superior Quality

This set of 3 Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knives is the best sets around. Kom Kom enjoys the well deserved reputation for making some of the best quality knives for carving fruits and vegetables.Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knife Set

The blades are firm and very sharp and made of high quality stainless steel. Made in Thailand, these knives are versatile enough to use with all varieties of fruits and vegetables but unlike some, are strong enough for use with hard vegetables like root vegetables and hard squashes.

Because of it’s versatility, this set is a great all around set for beginners and skilled carvers alike.Vegetable and Fruit Carving Knives

This Kom Kom Knife set includes a sharp and strong carving knife for carving fine detail. The seeding knife is very useful for fine trimming work in hard to reach places. It’s long blade allows you to carve in areas where the carving knife may not reach. The paring knife is sharp and strong and handy to have on hand for a variety of cutting tasks. The blades on all three of these knives are very sharp,  somewhat rigid and quite strong.

To order yours, simply click on the link below.
They are $27.99 for the set.

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U and V Smooth Cutting Tools

Set of 6 Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tools with 12 Cutting Edges

U-V cutter set - close up of U edges

U-V cutter set – close up of U edges


U-V cutter set

Strong and very sharp – made of high quality stainless steel

This set of 6 smooth (non-corrugated) U and V cutters come with 12 cutting surfaces. They are made of high quality stainless steel with very sharp edges. They won’t bend or break like some wooden handled U and V cutters can when coming in contact with hard vegetables.  They make it easy to carve consistent cuts of the same size and shape when carving carrots, melons and other vegetables and fruits.

U-V cutter set - close up of V blades

Close up of U-V cutters – V blades

I’ve added these photos showing close ups of the cutting edges with coins in the photos so that you can get a better idea of the size of these cutting edges. The width of the U and V cutters range from 3/8 ” to 1 1/8″. They are great for carvers of all skill levels.

The smaller sized cutters are convenient for making detailed scales when carving carrot fish or for feathers when carving diakon, turnip or carrot  birds. They can be used to make a variety of flowers.

The U cutters of all sizes make it easy to make perfect circles for flower centers.

The largest size tool in the set is great for cutting larger curved patterns into large fruits like watermelons. And of course the variety of sizes in between the smallest and the largest are great for a carving a variety of fruits and vegetables of all sizes.

It can be difficult to create consistent size cuts when making repetitive patterns by hand. These tools make that task MUCH easier.

This fruit carving set is great for beginners and intermediate carvers at a very good value. These are good quality sets at a reasonable price.

To order yours, simply click on the link below.

They are $27.00 for the set.

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Corrugated U Cutters and Melon Baller

Multi-Purpose Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tools

Many of my customers have asked me where they can get the tools that I use in my free video showing how to make a bouquet of flowers from radishes.They are not something you can easily find at local cooking stores. So, I am offering them here on my site. Watch the video for more details or just click below to order now.

Corrugated U-Cutter Set with Mini-Melon Baller – $22.95

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U cutter fruit carving tool

This is what these fruit carving tools tools look like. They are corrugated, they make U shaped cuts. So, they are called corrugated U cutters.

They enable you to make intricate carvings with a fraction of the effort it would take to get the same results by hand. They also give you more consistency in the size and shape of your cuts.

Here a just few of the types of vegetable and fruit carvings that you can make using them.

Flower Bouquet from carved radishes

flowers carved from Yams, turnips and sweet potato

Carved watermelon flower

The other tool used in making the Radish Bouquet is this melon baller with two different sizes, one at each end. This larger size is easy to find in many stores that sell kitchen gadgets. But, this smaller size is not so easy to find. At least I had a hard time finding it.

This tool enables you to cut balls of melon and other fruits you can also use them with butter and some cheeses.

Melon baller tool

Using Melon Baller with Pineapple

flower center cut using mini melon baller

The small size melon baller is perfect for making small circle and ball shapes that make great centers for carved flowers. I’m offering this set of 4 corrugated U cutters with 8 different sizes and 1 melon baller with two sizes including this hard to find mini size.

To order yours, simply click on the link below. They are $22.95 for the set.

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Review of Corrugated U-Cutter Fruit Carving Tools

When I was shopping for corrugated U cutters for vegetable and fruit carving, I shopped around. To save you the time, trouble and expense of doing the same, the video below will show you what I found and why I’m choosing to offer these particular U cutter fruit carving tools.

Corrugated U-Cutter Set with Mini-Melon Baller – $22.95

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If you haven’t yet seen my free vegetable fruit carving lesson for showing you
how to make an edible flower bouquet from radishes, you can get it by signing in below.

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