Heita with one of his carved vegetable musical instruments

Heita with one of his carved vegetable musical instruments

Playable Carved Vegetable Musical Instruments! No Kidding!

This morning, I came across these videos of a fellow playing vegetable musical instruments or various types. It’s amazing. I’ve carved lots of vegetables but this is the first time I’ve seen vegetables carved into playable musical instruments.

This first video will show you several instruments made from vegetables. The next 3 videos will show you how to make your own vegetable musical instruments as well as an ocarina from an egg. I like the egg ocarina because it has a nice clear sound. Following the egg demonstration there are 2 videos showing  two ways to make musical instruments from carrots.

Introduction of Handmade Vegetable Musical Instruments

How to Make an Egg Ocarina

How to Make a Carrot Ocarina

Easy Way to Make a Carrot Ocarina

Just think of the fun you can have at your next party! Give each of your guests an instrument and let them have some fun playing with them. It doesn’t matter if it sounds good as long as it’s fun. You could even have a party where you each make your own vegetable musical instruments.

Look how much fun some on my family had one Christmas morning when a kazoo, and toy drum showed up in their stockings. My brother already knew how to play a harmonica. the rest, just improvised with what they had at hand. The laughter tells the story best.

I guess these carved vegetable musical instruments captured my attention because just a few days ago we played with toy musical instruments are our Christmas Eve get together. I bought kazoos, toy marachas, bells and a slide whistle, wrapped them up and let our guests pick them from a grab bag. Whatever they unwrapped was theirs to play. Some people who are not eager to sing Christmas carols were plenty eager to play Christmas carols on their kazoos and other instruments  I know, I know….we sounded terrible but we had fun with it anyway. It was fun for all from ages 12 to 92. Literally!

A Little Musical Christmas Silliness on Christmas Eve

If you really want to hear some decent Christmas carols played on a carved vegetable instrument, check out this video of Hieta playing his brocolli ocarina.

Heita Plays Christmas Carols on his Vegetable Musical instruments – Brocolli

Now, you’ve seen another imaginative way that carved vegetables can be used – as carved vegetable musical instruments!

Will you make your own vegetable musical instruments?

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