I love vegetable and fruit carving for Spring.

Vegetable and Fruit Carving for Spring

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings - that are Perfect for Spring

Probably because Spring is my favorite time of the year. It comes with lovely spring flowers blooming everywhere, bright happy colors, days that are warm and sunny, butterflies, birds nesting, and new life everywhere. Even if spring is not yet warm and sunny in your part of the world, you can brighten up your table with fresh spring vegetable and fruit carvings. Here are a few spring vegetable and fruit carving ideas.

Vegetable and fruit carving – flowers, butterflies and bunnies are sure to delight your guests.

The fruit bouquets and melon bunny fruit salad are as tasty as they are charming and beautiful. And they are simple to do once you know how and have the right tools.

Some students of mine made the melon bunny last spring and here is what a couple of them had to say,


Bunny Fruit Carving

Melon Bunny Fruit Salad is sure to delight guests

“I made the bunny baskets, very simple, and took them to two events on Easter weekend and they were the hit of the parties!”

- Garnita Kelly, Wimberley, Texas


“I just want you to know that I am making the bunny basket and I LOVE IT! It’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION.”

– Michelle Smith – Ventura, CA

Afterward, Michelle told me that she had brought it to an Easter potluck at her church and lots of people were charmed by it. They said, “You made that?” “How did you do it”. It’s adorable.” and more. When she was getting ready to leave, one of her friends rushed up to her and asked if she could buy the empty bunny. She told Michelle that she was going to two more Easter parties that day and wanted to refill the bunny with fruit salad. Generously, Michelle simply gave it to her.

Michelle isn’t the only one who’s bunny basket got used more than once. Another student told me that she made two honeydew bunnies. One to use the night before Easter and one to use on Easter and refill for a second party that same day. She also got lots of ooooos and aaaaahs and people couldn’t believe that she made it.

As simple as it is, people really enjoy this bunny fruit bowl.

These vegetable and fruit carving ideas are perfect for Easter parties or for any spring celebrations.

Plan a springtime Sunday brunch and delight your friends with vegetable and fruit carving  lilies, butterflies, bunnies and edible fruit bouquets. They will be charmed.

These are just a few of the vegetable and fruit carvings you can learn in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for beginners. These spring ideas are taught in the second through fourth lessons. Once you learn how, you can create all kinds of other variations of your own. You can learn more about the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners here. These lessons are also available in individual DVDs on my Shop page.

Here are a couple more blog posts with spring carvings with melon bunny ideas that you might enjoy.

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