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Vegetable BouquetsRight now, you can bring a touch of color into your home and brighten your living space with vibrant vegetable bouquets. These colorful, and healthy, veggie bouquets are great centerpieces for any occasion, even an ordinary day.

A quick trip to the local grocery store should provide you with all the veggies you need to get carving and get creative! Pick up multiple colors of peppers, radishes and more.

Several readers have sent photos of their stunning vegetable bouquets, which are shared below. Check out my previous blog about a talented 13-year-old who made his own vegetable bouquets for his parent’s wedding anniversary too.

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Tea Set CarvingsThere are so many creative ways to carve fruits and vegetables, such as these beautiful tea set carvings. It’s amazing how a simple piece of fruit can be transformed into an incredible work of art.

I’ve received photos of tea set carvings from several customers and fellow carvers and thought I’d compile them all in a blog post for easy viewing. Each person has a unique twist on the tea set carvings and has used a different selection of fruits and vegetables. Take a look and perhaps these can serve as inspiration for your own future fruit and vegetable carvings. continue reading…

Yolanda Diaz and her fruit carvingsIt’s fun for me to see the progress and successes of my vegetable and fruit carving students. Although, I created my lessons and offer them to people all over the world, I often don’t get to see their successes until they send me their stories and photos.

Like many of my customer/ students Maria Yolanda Diaz has experienced her share of successes as a result of my lessons and website. Besides improving her carving skills and expanding her professional offerings, she also got the unexpected benefit of reconnected with a long lost friend. Here is her story.

Yolanda found my website almost 2 years ago. Then, about 1 year after having purchased some of my lessons, Yolanda started sending me some of her photo with short stories about her successes. It pleases me so much to see her progress and accomplishments. continue reading…

Edible Vegetable BouquetsFor her 25th wedding anniversary, Audrey D’Souza’s 13-year-0ld son Angelo carved three beautiful edible vegetable bouquets. She was kind enough to share her story and a few photos with me. 

Angelo discovered my website while searching the internet for vegetable carving ideas. Although he didn’t have enough time to order the tools and ship them all the way to New Zealand, he was able to watch my free lessons and find a suitable tool set near his home. The final product were these gorgeous edible vegetable bouquets. These creations are impressive for anyone, especially for a 13-year-old.

Want to learn to carve a radish bouquet? You can sign up for the free lesson here. continue reading…

Holiday Fruit and Vegetable CarvingsLooking for new ideas for holiday fruit and vegetable carvings? Readers and students have kindly sent me photos of their creations and perhaps they can serve as inspiration for you too. 

There are many red and green fruits and vegetables available that are perfect for creating holiday fruit and vegetable carvings.  Get in the Christmas spirit with red and green chili peppers, radishes, green onions, watermelons and more!

You can see more remarkable examples of joyful holiday carving ideas in my Festive Holiday Food Garnishes blog.

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Carving Ideas for ChristmasI’m excited to share with you  a variety of fruit and vegetable carving ideas for Christmas. These wonderful creations were sent to me by my talented blog readers. Many of these photos I received last year after Christmas, but because my readers are usually on to the next thing – like New Year’s parties and resolutions, I waited until this year to share these photos with you.

These carving ideas for Christmas require varying levels of skills. Some are complex and require advanced techniques, some are easier to make than they might appear and some are simple and fun. Regardless of your skill level, the whole point to carving is to have some fun being creative. Showcase your creativity and impress your friends and family this holiday season with one of these wonderful carving ideas for Christmas.

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Poinsettia Day


carved watermelon poinsettia

Did you know that poinsettias are the best selling potted plant in the United States and Canada? December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

Yesterday a representative of Dole called me to ask to use my photos of watermelons carved like poinsettia’s in honor of National Poinsettia Day. I’m certainly aware of the popularity of poinsettias for Christmas decorations but, I hadn’t known that there was such a day. So I looked it up.

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Fruit carvings for special eventsFruit carvings for special events are a creative way of kicking the festivities up a notch and impressing your guests.

My student, Tzipy Cohen, sent me her incredible fruit carvings photos. Tzipy, who lives in Israel had catering and food decorating prior to joining my lessons. She wanted to expand her fruit carving repertoire by learning from my lessons. And learn well she certainly has!  Tzipy also came up with some of her own original creations that are absolutely beautiful fruit carvings for special events.

You’ve got to see Tzipy’s breath taking arrangements further down in this article. You’ll get some great ideas for your own special events. continue reading…

Thanksgiving Vegetable CarvingsRuben Olano knows a thing or two about Thanksgiving Vegetable Carvings. For over 20 years, Ruben has carved displays for The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. His beautiful carvings are typically featured at special events at the Disneyland hotels.
I’ve highlighted some of Ruben’s designs in my previous blog posts: Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Mother’s Day and Fruit Carvings for Special Events. Be sure to visit those links for more photos.
The following Thanksgiving Vegetable Carvings showcase Ruben’s incredible talent. Perhaps they can serve as inspiration for you too as you prepare for Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Vegetable TrayBring a healthy Thanksgiving Vegetable Tray to your holiday celebration and impress your family and friends with your clever creativity. The vibrantly colored veggies of autumn combine to make a stunning visual effect on the serving platter. The combinations are limitless. Choose from carrots, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, any color of pepper, cucumber and more!

See more great ideas for Thanksgiving vegetable trays in this article. For more Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas, check out my continue reading…

leekandcarrotflower-bouquetSusan Bettridge, a customer/student of mine from New South Wales, Australia, kindly sent over several photos of her amazing autumn vegetable bouquets. Many of the techniques that she used to create these fall vegetable bouquets can be learned in the 101 Fruit and Vegetable Carving Course.

Sue joined my 101 Course and my Amazing  Carving with Jimmy Zhang lessons just 3 months before she sent me her lovely photos that included some autumn vegetable bouquets that I will show you here in this blog post. She added her own twist by dying some of her vegetable flowers.

Perhaps you will get some ideas here for your own autumn vegetable bouquets.

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Pumpkin-carvings of cartoon characters plutoBoth kids and adults will be amazed at these spectacular pumpkin carvings of cartoon characters. Disney favorites, such as Goofy and the Little Mermaid, as well as Looney Toons, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob and more, grace the front of these pumpkin carvings by the the brothers and community members or Self Realization Fellowship and Encinitas residents in Encinitas, California.

Each Halloween, the SRF carve pumpkins in a variety of themes to display at the annual Encinitas holiday event. Here’s a look at their incredible pumpkin carvings of cartoon characters.

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pumpkin carvings of logos and placesPumpkin carvings of logos and places is our final category of pumpkins that are showcased at the annual Halloween event in Encinitas, California. These creative pumpkin carvings include famous places, such as the Taj Mahal, as well as local hangouts, like Encinitas’ Moonlight Beach.

Each of the pumpkin carvings of logos and places is carved by the monks and members of the Self Realization Fellowship and the community of Encinitas. The pumpkin carvings on this pages are only a few of the many designs that were present at the event. You can see many more brilliant pumpkin designs by clicking the links below of the following categories.

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Pumpkin Carvings with Movie ThemesThese pumpkin carvings with movie themes are sure to impress to the film buff in your life. From super heroes to animated favorites, the monks at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, California have carved pumpkins for many of the top movies in Hollywood.

Each year, the SRF showcase their amazing carved pumpkins on Halloween evening at the public event. The following our some of our favorite pumpkin carvings with movie themes.

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pumpkin carvings of peopleIn this blog, I’ve compiled a few photos of pumpkin carvings of people. It’s incredible how much detail can be carved into a pumpkin to make it look like a well-known face. From historical figures to everyday people, these pumpkin carvings of people capture a life-like quality that is entertaining to view. 

Like the other pumpkin photos that I have posted lately, these pumpkin carvings of people were featured at a Halloween event in Encinitas, California. The annual event showcases pumpkins carved by the monks of the Self Realization Fellowship and other various community members.

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Pat-obrien-3d-pumpkin-carving Prized Possessions Stolen – Pumpkin Carving Tools

Note: After posting the article, it was brought to my attention that I’ve confused two different carving customers in this story. As it turns out, I have two different Patrick O’Briens who are customers of mine who love pumpkin carving.  I’ve received emails from both, Facebook communication with one, had a couple of conversations with one of them and all the time, I unknowingly thought they were the same person. Turns out they are two different Rat O’Briens living in two different states. Oops. The photos and progress in this article are all from the same Pat O’Brien. I’ll call him Pat O’Brien (1). The stories about the stolen tools and the hospital are a different Pat O’Brien, I’ll call him Pat OBrian (2). 

A student/customer of mine, Pat O’Brien (2) called me to replace his tools and DVD because his pumpkin carving tools and DVD had been stolen.

Pat (2)is passionate about carving and likes to carve during his “downtime” in his hotel room when traveling. During one of his trips his bag was stolen. He told me that he could hardly believe that the first thing that sprang to mind about his bag being stolen was that they got his pumpkin carving tools! The second thought was they stole his pumpkin carving DVD. Only after that did he realize continue reading…

Alphonse-Mucha-pumpkin1The Pretty pumpkin carvings that you will see in this post are my favorites of the many designs of pumpkins displayed the the Encinitas Halloween event put on in partnership with the Self Realization Fellowship. These beautiful designs are a great alternative to the traditional spooky or silly pumpkin carvings that often dominate at Halloween. These pumpkins feature intricate details and delicate markings to enhance the beauty of the carvings.

These pumpkins were carved by the monks at the Self Realization Fellowship as well as by community members. I wish I had all their names to give them credit for their truly lovely carvings. continue reading…

This Halloween event that features all of these great pumpkin carvings that is held in Encinitas has to include pumpkin carvings with surfing designs. After all, Encinitas has an enthusiastic surf culture and is home to some famed surfing spots. The one known as Swami’s is just down the bluff steps next to the Self Realization Fellowships.

Elaborate Surfing Design Pumpkin Carvings

surfer at sunset themed pumpkin carving design

This surfing themed pumpkin carving has an elaborate design complete with silver paint, wave, sunset and surfer on the beach.

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wacky bat pumpkin carvingHere are the pumpkin carvings with Halloween themes that were created for the Encinitas Halloween event last year. Even though the event was on Halloween there were so many other different types of pumpkin designs. You can take a look at a lot more carved pumpkins by clicking on any of the categories listed below.

To see more details about this annual Halloween event put on by the city of Encinitas with tremendous help from the Self Realization Fellowship, take a look at another blog article on my site by clicking here. The monks and the members of the Self Realization Fellowship grow and carve most of the pumpkins seen at each year’s Halloween event. continue reading…

pumpkin carving of zebras Here is a selection of pumpkin carvings of animals that were carved by the monks of the Self Realization Fellowship, by lay members of the Self Realization Fellowship, as well as by residents of Encinitas California and the surrounding communities in North County San Diego. Pumpkins like these are carved each year and displayed throughout the downtown area along Highway 101. Some are simple jack-0-lantern style carvings, some have shaved rind , some are painted and one even has colorful cotton added the a bright multi-colored effect.

There were so many different pumpkin carvings at the event, that I had to spread them out continue reading…