This past Sunday I participated in a Songkran Festival which celebrates the Thai Traditional New Year and is also known as the Water Festival. A group of us carved fruits and vegetables to make a lovely display table and I thought that you might enjoy these photos. They may give you some inspiration and ideas for carvings of your own.


Thai_Fruit_Carvings18_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings17_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings16_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings15_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings13_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings12_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings11_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings10_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings09_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings08_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings07_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings06_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings05_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings04_525 (2) Thai_Fruit_Carvings03_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings02_525 Thai_Fruit_Carvings01_525

Click here to view the Thai Fruit Carving at the 2011 Songkran festival.

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